Wednesday, February 27, 2013

The Last Week of February. Bleh.


Is it March yet?

Only if you've lived in snow country for 36 years (as I have) do you understand.

If ever a vote is taken to do away with February, I'll be first in line.



In other news....

Tom and I found two more fascinating programs to watch in Netflix's instant section.

Encounters At the End of the World. If you love South Pole documentaries, you'll love this.

Perilous Journeys. Tom and I wish they'd made more than just four adventurous episodes of this harrowing series.

These are the types of programs which help us keep our sanity during our long, long, and did I mention long? Buffalo winters. They carry us away from this tiny house surrounded by sad, grey skies with falling ice and temperatures too cold to enjoy stepping outside for this new thing they call 'exercise'. heh.

I'm grateful for any show which can take me away from all this.


Oh! And did you see the story of these 2 young brothers at the end of Tuesday's NBC Nightly News? Made me smile... made my whole night.



Anonymous said...

But it is the cold winter nights that are so nice for snuggling!! I love February because it is when I was proposed to and one of my children was born on a cold, snowy February night. I am more of a homebody than most however, so the cold and snow bothers me less. Lived in a snowy state a few years, so yes, I do understand snow to some extent.
Elizabeth in VA now

Debra said...

Elizabeth---I'm finding that only the people who have lived for straight decades in snow country truly understand cabin fever and the effect of constant grey skies and cold temperatures which keep us inside the same rooms month after month. It stops being cozy way, way before this final week of February.

Too much of anything is too much--even cozy rooms, lamplight and books when it's week after week, month after month of having to stay inside these same places, especially when only grey skies are seen from the windows and we have no new outdoor experiences for ourselves and no more than 2 minutes standing outside.

As people, we need balance, inside life and outside life, and in winter there is always a huge lack of that for us in snow country. And again, only we who are subjected to this decade after decade truly get it, truly understand what this is like. But thanks for trying. :) Blessings, Debra

Anonymous said...

I lived for decades in the snow and Cold! Understand cabin fever. Even though going out in the cold to walk to the close store or shovel the show was painful to the lungs and nose when it was blowing snow,.. it was a relief to just be outside! I remember. Sorry, but now as you know, I am now in S. Calif. and we are to be 80 degrees this weekend. Sorry. :( Now even here I get outside all through the day as much as I possibly can. Love being outside. Maybe you could watch travel documentaries? I invite you to visit and stay with us for a break. Sarah

Debra said...

Sarah--I did it backwards from you--I lived in California for decades. Funny, huh? But in *snowy* California for the last 12 years of my time there (left when I was 29). I don't miss CA, though, for I so love the 'antique-ness' of the East Coast. It's incredibly different back here and I prefer it, snow and all.

Oh, and that's what we've done most of today--we've watched travel documentaries and that's what those other two shows are which I mentioned at the end of my post. They really do help and Netflix has some great ones--thank-goodness for that!

I do get out of the house most mornings to either shovel snow or open up the garage and move the car for Tom to go to work and then open the garage before he comes home.... etc.... and yes, it feels good to do that.

But still.... the greyness is out there and all those grey trees with no leaves and the ground is frozen and everything is dead and I cannot plant seeds nor sit in the sun on the porch. Etc........ I'm outside, yes, at those times, but it's in a dreary, slippery world, not a green, springtime one. So it's not all that great.... and springtime won't arrive to stay until April is nearly over. gah...

Can you tell I have cabin fever badly? :) heh.... Thanks for commenting! ... Debra

Bonnie said...

Cabin fever. It's real.....and even though February is the shortest month, it seems to drone on forever, kind of like the movie Groundhog Day. As a kid I was so glad that at least we had Valentines Day to look forward to! But as you know, I now reside in SoCal where my husband was born and raised. It is good for me; the outdoors and the green is good for my soul. You'll be okay, too. Just hang on and maybe go online and look at some Burpee Seeds catalogs for inspiration to start planning for the spring. We are traveling to WNY to see my folks on March 15. I've asked my Dad to put in an order for warmer weather. It could happen. : )

Anonymous said...

I still miss the East and it's people. They are the best!! I did not choose choose me. :) Sarah

Anonymous said...

Well, having lived in HOT, HOT, HOT climates for more years than I care to count, I would far rather be cold than hot...especially HOT and HUMID!! In NC, it is either hot or year I was able to open the windows to air out the house, maybe 5 days!! FIVE MEASILY DAYS!! I could have a few other days but our neighbors closeby would chose most of those days to burn trash which would have sent me into asthma if I had left windows open!! Either way, in humidity like it is there, even with AC, it is still misery inside to a degree!!! So be careful where you might find living in humidity and heat for most of the year none too fun either!! A person can only take off so many clothes, after all!!
Elizabeth in VA now...

Debra said...

Bonnie--thanks for getting it! And yes, I still feel that way about Valentine's Day. What would I do without it? :)

Sarah--yes, the people back here have always blown us away by their kindness, especially to strangers. We'd never seen anything like it, except for a few glimpses in Idaho. :)

Elizabeth--I'm talking more than just about the cold. At least during hot summers there's an alive world outside ones windows to look at. It's this month after month of frozen deadness out there that plays with a person's mind and can bring a scary despondency if one isn't careful, or should I say prayerful. :)

Thanks, Everyone! ... Debra

Anonymous said...

I understand Debra, we have lived in the Seattle area...heh, talk about gray days and rain!! But some people have a lot more issues with such than others. My daughter is one of those...she really needs to use one of those daylight lamps I think!! I could live in a cave for long periods of time...does not bother me.
Elizabath in VA now...