Saturday, February 23, 2013

Just Thinking... Again.

You know how some people, for their daily Bible reading, open it, then tap! Place their finger at a verse and read there? Well, that's what I did today (kinda anyway) here at my blog. And wow, given what's gone on around here since yesterday (don't ask), this is such a perfect, calming post to re-give you--and myself--today. Happy sigh... God is good.


My grandparents were my favorite down-home folks.

Down-home folks are amazing.

They don't spend hours complaining about the government or high prices. Oh, they may get a little feisty sometimes, but never bitter. Mostly they are content and talk about the good things in life.

They are thankful for the few possessions they do have and barely notice that others have much more. If you give them a small gift, they go on and on about how marvelous both you and the gift are.

Down-home folks prefer going to cozy family-owned diners, ones with bottomless cups of coffee. Given a choice between an expensive, fancy-named restaurant and a picnic, they'd choose the picnic.

For entertainment, they like to gather in homes or backyards and sing songs like You Are My Sunshine until the moon stands overhead.

Down-home folks use appliances and linens until they are worn-out. They would consider it a great waste to dispose of something which could be repaired, instead.

They usually have a dog or two. Ones they feed scraps to beneath the kitchen table. They usually plant a garden and grow a few flowers in coffee cans.

Down-home folks go to country auctions mostly to visit with old friends. While waiting in long lines at old-fashioned fairs and amusement parks, they never complain. Instead, they turn around and talk with strangers who walk away as new friends. And down-home folks go to church nearly every Sunday.

They have screen doors that creeeeeak and a TV with an old rabbit-ear antenna.

I like to imagine rows and rows of front porches in Heaven filled with rocking chairs and happy down-home folks continuing the great times they had here in this world.

I love down-home folks. To me, they are the salt of the Earth.

I wish I knew more of them.


Quote of the Day
'I don't know the key to success, but the key to failure is trying to please everybody.' - Bill Cosby



Echoes From the Hill said...

Oh, I agree about "down-
home folks"!
I think that is why I like visiting my family in rural Texas.

When a child has a birthday party, it includes whole families. They all gather and have fun, with a barbeque, kids running around having a great time, while the adults visit.

Where I live, parents spend hundreds of dollars, going to a "fun center" etc. Parents drop off their kids and pick them up. There is little or no interaction with the host parents. It's sad.

While the down-home families are creating memories,and creating relationships, the others are increasing their debt to impress someone with what "wonderful" entertainment they can buy for their child.

Judy said...


Donna Boucher said...

I adore the top picture!!! Down home is just right.

Debra said...

Nancy--yes, it's sad... and it makes me appreciate the parents I know in real life and online who are making better choices and living more like in the old days with their families.

Judy--thank-you, sweetie!

Donna--thank-you! Did you mean my blog header photo? I took that at our farm probably 3 years ago, the farm we moved away from in 2011. I love my photos of the farm for I can enjoy all the beauty with none of the take-over-my-life work of it all. :)

Thanks, Everyone! ... Debra

Anonymous said...

I agree...I miss my down home folks too!! All of them gone on ahead now. Have to wait my turn!! I am with you...wish I knew more of that type folks!!

Though I must admit I think our landlords are of that kind!!
Elizabeth in VA

Elizabeth said...

I agree Debra, those are the best and I am fortunate to still have a lot of those people in my life.

Anonymous said...

Down home folks may not say I love you a lot but show you continually.
Down home folks live in homes that always welcome you as they themselves do,and the one you hate to leave.
Down home folks are the ones you can't wait to be with again and saddest to leave.
Down home folks may not be wealthy but give as if they were.
Down him folks are never one's to toot their own horns. They are always the ones behind the scenes anonymously getting things done .
And how do I know? Cause your list + this and so many other wonderful things could be said of both of my sets of grandparents. I was so blessed. They never told you how to live....they showed you by just living that way didn't they. {{ I sure hope things are going smoother now in your cottage}} Sarah

Robin in New Jersey said...

Hey Debra,

Hope everything is ok in your little cottage today.

One of my great-grandmother's was down-home folk. When the weather was nice, her door was open and you could see her puttering in the kitchen. She always had the tea-kettle ready to offer you a cup. On warm nights, she sat out under the lilac tree and watched people walking by. I would ride my bike down to her house and sit on her step and visit. All the kids in her neighborhood would ride by and wave. She wore the same dresses and aprons and sweaters. After she passed away I asked my dad if I could have the white enamel pan that she used to do her dishes in. He said, "Someone threw that old thing away!" She never complained about anything and she was always there with a listening ear. I can still hear the screen door banging closed when someone would come into the house. I always wanted a screen door like hers.

Keep the faith!

Bonnie said...

This topic resonates with me, Debra! I was raised by down home people in, as you know, a small one stop light town. Wonderful. Small pleasure are never lost on souls like ours. Thanks for that little emotional walk down memory lane.