Sunday, February 24, 2013

Needing To Be More Brave?

Did you read that? 

That is for any of you who have ever been told, "I've never understood you and I give-up trying."

And for those of you who've ever felt like A Voice Crying In The Wilderness.

You are not alone as long as you're following Jesus. And well, He's been known to ask us to do some pretty crazy things to see if we would do them for Him. Alone.

So keep on walking beside Him wherever He takes you and someday it will all make sense. I guarantee it.


Did you see 92-year-old Dorothy's dream happen? I think you'll be encouraged to be more courageous--I know I was. The song, alone, always makes me cry, but then add Dorothy!... oh my. 

Here's the full version of Somewhere Over The Rainbow--what a voice!


And wow. This morning I watched, over at Netflix, One Nation Under God. Loved it and oddly found tears in my eyes while feeling sorry it ended. I wondered at the beginning if I'd like it, but quickly it grew on me. 

To watch this, you must be able to enjoy (and understand) 20-year-olds or you won't get it--and--have compassion for confused people who have not yet met God. 

I'm already thinking of watching this again tonight with Tom when he arrives home from work. Yes, I enjoyed it that much.

A road trip, beautiful scenery, humor, creativity and conversations about God. I loved it all.



Bonnie said...

You find the best stories to link us to, Debra. What a nice smile this woman had after her flight. Just so loving for everyone to make that happen for her.

Rosemary said...

I had run across this movie just recently, Debra, and thought it might be one I would enjoy. I'll definitely watch it now. Thanks.