Monday, February 04, 2013

Lately On My Mind

Okay. I'm going to do something I told Tom that I wouldn't. 

I'm going to tell you which town I'm currently toying with moving to.

Why the self-made promise not to tell you?

1.) Because of readers who will say, "My Cousin Cindy lived in _____ and she hated it. She finally moved away and found her sanity again. 

What I know for sure? If I move to where God, Himself, wants me, I'll be happy there. Even inside a cardboard box in the desert, as long as He's there, too. (Yeah, I believe that.)

2.) And readers who will comment, "Oh! Oh! Move to ________ instead. I just know you'll love it," and then email me lots of information about a place that feels all wrong to me (leaving me feeling guilty about all the time they spent).

3.) Or because to some people when I say, "We might  move to ______," it's like writing it in blood. They do research for me, get their hearts all set on new stories I'll tell from there--then get blown away when I talk about moving someplace else next week. Or don't move anyplace at all.


But because I have this habit of sharing my heart and my head in this blog, I'll blow past my self-made promises and tell you anyway.

Today I'm thinkin' Boise, Idaho.

Why? The area is closer to our old friends and relatives--no more eternal train or plane rides to visit everybody, just drives of a few hundred miles, not thousands. Tom, Naomi and I loved that area when we used to vacation there. They don't get much snow--and when they do, it's only a couple inches. Real estate is reasonable and I found some cute and do-able houses online this morning. It's way more arid than this eastern seaboard so that's got to be better for aging folks like Tom and myself. There are a few other pluses, as well.

Of course, Boise's not Buffalo and--if Life was all about me-me-me --I'd stay here forever. But it's not, so I can't. We simply must get Tom out of all this snow and ice so that he won't slip and so that I'll stop worrying that he will.

But you know? I've had this dream-come-true place for 20 years and that's a very, very long time to live inside a dream. I feel spoiled-rotten, actually, so I'll be fine, especially since much of my life is online. How lovely that I can just pack-up that life and take it--take you-- with me. 

Oh, what I would have given for such a wonder when I moved from Morgan Hill, CA at the tender age of 16. Traumatic that was and I nearly experienced an emotional break-down--or perhaps I did--but no one in my family recognized what one looked like. 

Yet being a child, even a Christian one, I didn't know then how to 'guard my heart, for it determines the course of your life,'(Prov. 4:23). Nor did I understand disciplining my emotions or renewing my mind. And I hadn't yet realized that loving God more than other people was the answer to a million questions and a hungry heart.

I was so clueless at 16, but this time at (nearly) 54! God is #1 and since I'm taking Him wherever we may end up, I'll be set. A.O.K.  Better than that, actually.

And all will be well.


"Do not be conformed to this world, but be transformed by the renewal of your mind, that by testing you may discern what is the will of God, what is good and acceptable and perfect." ... Romans 12:2


I enjoyed many of the Superbowl commercials, though I watched only a few moments of the game last night and caught up with the rest of the ads this morning. Here are the top ten favorites, at least according to Yahoo news.

I especially liked the commercial for Hyundai where the family drives away and sees and does all sorts of fantastic-ly creative things. I told Tom it made me want to go out and spend time with that fun family. 

Tom said it made him want to go out and buy a new car. :)

Boise, Idaho


Barbara Kelly said...

So true! When I was a teenager or even young adult, any change was traumatic because I didn't have the Lord in my life. But today I am game for anything or anywhere God wants me to serve Him. Material things have faded away in importance and the fear of the unknown is gone, it's all an adventure, new people, new lives, new growth in the Lord. Funny how age and maturity in the Lord changes your perspective.

Echoes From the Hill said...

I think the car commercials were the best. I loved the Dodge Ram tribute to farmers, narrated by Paul Harvey, and the Jeep tribute to our military.
The least enjoyable, was Go Daddy. I heard a collective eewwwwww ;)\

Pat said...

I've never been to Boise, but I've visited Cour D A'lene Idaho, which seemed pretty close to heaven to me!
I agree about the snow, this is the thrid day this week my husband has had to clear it, and beside being no youngster, he's out of shape. I always worry about him doing it.
Go where the Lord leads!

Debra said...

Thanks, Ladies! I enjoyed reading your thoughts--I always do! Thanks for taking the time to share them with us. Blessings, Debra

Anonymous said...

Pat is right about Coeur d' Alene...I lived the most wonderful year of my life there, back in 1965-1966!! But it has grown an awful lot since then. We lived in southern Idaho from 1967-1972 and from 1975 till 1979...20 miles from Boise. I can tell you that not every year is terribly icy and cold but some are. As to how it compares to NY, probably it is less icy and cold. The coldest I have ever been was Dec. 1977...wind chill was -30 below and our pipes froze in our half-built house we were living in. We found out who was our REAL friend...he came and helped hubby dig up, apply heat tape and get our water going 15-20 minute increments. I am not sure it has ever been that cold again. Some winters are ALMOST warm too. Summers get hot in the day time, but you best have a sweater once the sun goes down...and yes, most days all summer long, you can open up the house at night and cool it off. Usually not humid there. Four glorious seasons...FOUR!!! Instead of 2 seasons back East NC at least. I would like to live there again too (but not sure I want to live near some of our kin there...not really). The old-timers, the more original Idaho people are beyond wonderful and is different in general now however because so many from other places moved there. But still some of the same awesome folks there yet. I would go for that choice too if I were you I think. Everyone should get to live in such a place at least once in their lifetime. Idaho made all the difference in my life, in many ways. That was years ago however...I hope it works out for you. There are some areas near Boise that are less big city, like Kuna, etc. That valley mostly runs together now however, the towns nearly touching now...
Elizabeth in VA now

Anonymous said...

PS...and if you do end up there, I know of one honest car mechanic yet there, in nearby brother. I can give you his name if you want it, if you move there.
Elizabeth in VA now

Julie nliT said...

Of course, Debra, I know a lady that left Coeur d'Alene because it is too cold in Winter! ;) Here we go! Yes, go where God takes you, but dreaming is fine.

Debra said...

Elizabeth--thanks for the extra info.! We really enjoyed all of Idaho when we used to vacation there. If we move there we'll definitely look your brother up! :)

Julie--actually? If you'll look at the Wikipedia pages for Coeur d'Alene, Boise and Buffalo you'll see that Buffalo has the coldest temperatures! I've lived in icy temps for nearly 40 years and my body is way, way used to them. I often shovel snow in 5 degrees with just a couple sweaters and slacks. :)

Thanks, Ladies! Debra