Friday, February 08, 2013

This And That On a Snowy Afternoon

More 'Gingerbread House' from the street behind us.
More mega snowfall today.
More feeling oh-so-ready to move away.

And guess what?

Now I'm thinking Tulsa, Oklahoma.

Ha! See, I warned you not to take me seriously when I tell you where we're considering moving. 

And yes, I read about the Tornado Alley thing. And the humidity thing (but at least they get less snow). But I also realize that God knows us better than we know ourselves so if Tulsa is His idea--all will be well. At least, eventually. I truly believe that and it's certainly what happened when we moved to Buffalo 20 years ago from Nevada. 

Anyway. Tom's been invited to do an interview for a plant in Tulsa and at least--finally--this is one state not on my I Have Absolutely No Peace About Moving To These Few States list.

Whew. I would move to 40+ different states(!), but for probably 18 years Tom's hinted about moving to the bad-bad-no-way other states.(ThisIsOnlyATest...ThisIsOnlyATest.) Perhaps he's finally getting it. Or maybe I am. heh. 

Besides, in Tulsa we'd be 100 miles closer to Naomi. :)

I know... Some of you think I'm bonkers to glibly consider moving to one state one day, another the next. But actually? I long to be oh-so-careful to follow where God is leading--not to where I think is best. So I must stay open, and with as few 'must haves' as possible. Besides, God knows our true must-haves, so basically, the 'just staying open thing' applies and illustrates my real level of trust.

It's one thing to say, "I'll follow God wherever He leads," but soooo another thing to actually live that way.


We're due for 7 - 10 inches of snow today. I choose 7. No, 3. heh.


Did you see the previews for the new movie, Identity Thief? Gah, it could have been such a brilliantly funny movie. I've loved Melissa McCarthy since Gilmore Girls and Jason Bateman since, well, forever. But noooo.... The writers had to 'crass it up'. Sigh. (Read a Christian review here--if you dare.)

Anyway... just for fun, I spent part of this morning rewriting that movie inside my head. Man, it would've been hilarious--and clean--had I made it. But oddly, no one asked me. :)

"Teach me to do your will,
    for you are my God;
may your good Spirit
    lead me on level ground."   ... Psalm 143:10


Oh, if you love dogs, you'll appreciate this (short) news story. 



Rita said...

Tell me Debra. What is wrong with N. Carolina or Tennessee? Those are areas I'm thinking of. I visit with the most wonderful bloggers from those states.

Debra said...

Rita--well, we were thinking Boise because it's closer to relatives and now we're thinking Tulsa because Tom's very interested in the available job there.

There's nothing wrong with the states you mentioned. They just haven't 'appeared on our radar' yet. But at this rate, give them time and they will eventually. heh.

But seriously, if we really felt God leading us to N. Carolina or Tennessee, we'd go there. But unfortunately, we can't go anywhere just because of wonderful recommendations or because a state looks fantastic on paper. We must follow what's inside both our hearts--that type of agreement is powerful and leads to peace. Blessings, Debra

Echoes From the Hill said...

How can you tell, if God is leading Tom, instead of you? It gets very confusing when a couple has different ideas of what to do and where to go. Sometimes my husband wants to do something, and I want to do something else. We both feel convicted, so how do I know what is right? His conviction is just as strong as mine. Is a woman supposed to follow her husband's lead, even if she feels she is being led in a different direction?

Debra said...

Nancy--Well, technically, yes.... when a husband is feeling something strongly, the wife should follow, believing that God will protect her if her heart is right.

*But* what I've seen and read much is that--if both people have a heart after God--the husband won't force a huge decision if his wife has absolutely no peace about it. A truly godly man respects his wife's input, especially if she's got a good previous record of wisdom. Her unrest will be like a red warning light to at least wait awhile on the decision.

Fortunately, Tom and I usually agree on the big stuff. But when we don't, he does step back and take more time to think about it and hear from God.

Before we moved to New York, I was going to try talking Tom out of moving here, but God very clearly told me that no, this was exactly what He wanted us to do. So I went along with it, as cheerfully as I could (the whole thing was rather scary) and oh my... time has proven that this truly was God's plan!

Hope this helps a little. I know God is big on harmony and sometimes we have to give-in in order to keep harmony in our marriage--but God will honor that when we do. Blessings, Debra

Julie nliT said...

We want some of that snow here, Debra! It's another drought type WInter for the mountains and the major storm precip seems to be tracking that northern horizontal flow along the Canadian border, just like last year. Mother Nature is not keen on keeping balance, it seems! ;)

I agree about that new movie. I saw the preview and got excited at first, seeing a "Gilmore Girls" favorite in it and starting out as seemingly a cute comedy. But, when the preview went on, I decided that the movie was one I probably wouldn't see. :(

Good guidance to you & Tom on God's continuing journey. If you did move to Tulsa, you could also hitch a ride with all the Oklahomans that come to the mountains, and visit me! :)

Anonymous said...

LOVELY story about the dog...a red blue heeler or I will eat my hat!! Heh...we have had some in our family...there is no better breed I know of...they are incredibly intelligent, loyal and loving and PROTECTIVE of THEIR people!! And only eat like a 40 pound or so dog eats...lots of value for the buck.

I agree with all you said about how to know where, when, etc. to make a move, with GOD directing. We have experienced the same thing. Seems with us, when we about reach the end of the rope, no solution in sight, then one will come through that we might take in desperation (as with the current barn apt we are in)...and oh how we have been blessed GOBS of ways.

I would choose Idaho over Oklahoma, but then when you consider that it is much closer to your only child...that DOES make sense. Heh, why not pray for TN?? Tis a pretty big could get close enough and far enough, no doubt... Will be interesting to see just what does work out.
Elizabeth in VA for a couple more months