Saturday, February 09, 2013

The Backyard From My Head

During a casual search for real estate in Tulsa, OK, yesterday during our messy snowstorm, I came across this house.

Oh my goodness. Their backyard! The same, perfect yard which I believed only existed inside my head--right there! Displayed, online, before my eyes. And no lawn anywhere to mow.

With a pond, even...

And a screened-in porch in which to sit and survey all the beauty.

Happy sigh. Did my winter-weary heart good to absorb all the summer-time beauty (though honestly, I didn't feel winter-weary until I saw this amazing yard. heh.)

 And all for just $59,900. But alas, though it has two bedrooms and an office space (all on our list), part of it is split-level (Tom said he could handle that, but I said oh no he can't. I appreciated his willingness, though.). And no garage. But it blessed me that Tom, also, dearly loved this yard... and did I mention there was no lawn anywhere to mow? :)

Check out the rest of the photos at the website, including the indoor ones, and you'll see the owners poured their hearts and souls into their home. Their hard work, artistry and commitment blessed us both.

Happy Saturday. And remember--Spring is coming!




Rosemary said...

I am so excited for you as you search for a new place to call home. It was so much fun tagging along with you when you were led to Hobbit Cottage. I know your next house will be just as adorable.

Anonymous said...

That landscaping is beautiful!! I would miss land to plant in though..lawn I could do mostly without but I would miss my veggie garden and fruit trees. They would have to have a space too. :) Even if incorporated into the landscape. I was hoping they would show the kitchen in their pictures because the rest of the home was done so imaginative and inventive. I do so enjoy your home finds when you go to wondering the real-estate sites! :-) I imagine we will never move again but still it gives us ideas. I love my outside rooms and theirs are Realllllly beautiful!!!! Even here in s. Calif. we woke up to frost and car doors frozen shut. No snow yet though... Sarah

Anonymous said...

Beautiful little house but did you check the street where it is located on Google Map? Pretty crowded...


Debra said...

Rosemary--thanks! You're sweet. :)

Sarah--thanks for letting me know you appreciated this yard like I do. I think there would be enough room to plant vegetables... I would just pull out some things and replant others if there weren't. :)

Marie--uh-oh! You're taking my house search seriously! Remember, please don't do that. We have absolutely no idea where we're moving and right now I'm just playing around with ideas. I love learning from other peoples' ideas and projects! And too, when we find the perfect place, we'll have peace about it and God will bless us there no matter what is around us. If you saw our neighborhood now, you'd probably have your doubts about our sanity! :)

Thanks, Everyone!... Debra

Anonymous said...

I live in Nova Scotia and we don't see that kind of house here at all and you don't get a decent house at 59,000$ so it was just curiosity that led me to check the house environment that's all. I don't even know where the state of Oklahoma is.