Friday, September 16, 2011

The Sweetness of Imagining and Making-Do

Already I am tweaking what I decorated only last week.

But that's the fun of it! The challenge is to keep thinking fresh, creative thoughts and making-do with what one already has. Using items in a whole different way than the form in which they were invented--that's what keeps our imaginations alive.

Like, in a plastic bin of curtains I discovered a green curtain valence and right away thought, "Aha! This would make a pretty dresser scarf."

Oooo. Instant drama. A much nicer backdrop than plain ol' white.

Then I realized most of my white dish collection, ones I use for decorating, were still in boxes and I'd run out of room downstairs to display them. What to do? Why, clear my previously decorated library top shelves and place them there, of course:

Ever so much better, I think. In decorating, it's vital to stay open to changes if you wish things to be better.

In Life, too.

While we lived on the farm, I re-discovered something about myself: personally, I prefer to make-do. Rather than be handed things on a proverbial silver platter, ready-made, I enjoy finding my own creative solutions.

Examples? Rather than live in a large house, I prefer trying to make a small house feel larger. More efficient and comfortable, too, despite its tininess.  And instead of spending money on ready-made boxes for organizing items, I like to decoratively paint shoe boxes and use those for sorting. Rather than buy new, I prefer to buy used from yard sales or thrift shops.

And instead of having to own lots of pretty land, it's now enough for me to freely soak-in all the green countryside around me, appreciating any land (including sidewalks) set-aside for me to walk upon. I don't have to own a river, a meadow or a mountain in order to feel--in a way-- they belong to me. You know, gifts from God made to be shared by all.

Creatively making-do with what I already have and being glad and thankful I can do that--I'm returning to that lifestyle. Oh, not that I ever wandered very far away from some of that, but I did wander a bit. From now on I'll stay close, though, and splash around in all the delight of using my imagination, keeping it trigger-ready at a second's notice.


Any other lovers of making-do out there?



Oh, and Kristi asked how old our house is. This year Hobbit Cottage is celebrating her 80th birthday. She's looking pretty good for her age, I think. :)


Wow! Did you notice the new Blogger photo feature? When you click on a photo in my post, you'll also be able to click on any others I've included at the same time. Plus, (and this is the best part), you no longer have to click the back button and scroll down to where you were reading! No, just "X it all out" and my post appears, unchanged. Yay! (Try it and see what I mean.) Thanks, Blogger! Now, if you can just return that little pencil at the bottom of my posts, I'll be perfectly content.



Kristi in the Western Reserve said...

I love the way you are playing around with arranging where things are. I knew you would be doing this, Debra, it's just part of the creative person you are.

I'm not really happy with the new feature for pictures. I used to be able to click on a picture, and then click again to enlarge it. Now I can't do that. Big sigh. Can't read the book titles anymore, alas.

Debra said...

Oh, that's so funny, Kristi. I just had a feeling earlier that *you* wouldn't like the photo feature because the book titles are harder to read! Guess I know you pretty well. :) And yeah, there *is* that.

But overall, I think it's easier and less time consuming to be able to view the photos that way. How about if I, occasionally, list some of the books I own in blog posts? :) Oh, and thanks for your nice words about my decorating.... Blessings, Debra

Anonymous said...

Yep...I am a "make do" too. My Mama taught me how and I do enjoy it. I have not sewn in months but hope to get at it again soon. One thing that is fairly popular today is "repurposing fabric"...I have always done some of that, besides saving scraps for quilts. But remaking clothing into something else. Why even the Queen of England has that done with her clothes. She has extra fabric bought and has the sleeves, neckline, etc changed from time to time. Not that SHE needs to be frugal. But nice to know even she does this.