Wednesday, September 21, 2011

Some This, Some That

So yesterday, to make my sharing-photos-of-our-new-place life easier, I created a photo blog for Hobbit Cottage. You can find it here. But there's no rush--you've most likely already seen all the photos, well, except for the one of my Fiestaware, above. Although, now you've seen that one, too. :)  But hey, there you go.

On Monday I did travel to the big doctor-filled-building with Tom for his injections, but after he signed-in I went back down the elevator so to wait inside the car which is what I love to do. Seriously, I prefer sitting out there because anything resembling a hospital makes me feel as though I'm locked inside a cage and the world is grey and sad (or something).

But in the car? Oh, I feel free out there. As though all is still well. I can slip-off my shoes, pull a snack out of my purse, drink coffee and read books, even in a slouched position if I want. And this time I brought the most perfect book along--it's one my friend, Joyce (hi Joyce!), gave me years ago, a lovely book with incredible photos of cottages by Mary what's-her-name (not Englebreit). By her definition, Tom and I do own a cottage now and oh, that made me love ours even more.

(I'll run downstairs later so I can give you the title of this wonderful book at the bottom of this post. Many of you would love it.) Oh, and the injections have made Tom more comfortable ever since. So we're grateful for that.

In fact? When we returned home, Hobbit Cottage positively welcomed us with a hug. And you know? I have waited such a very long time for a house to do that. And just think! We still don't even have a refrigerator. Gee, will I be able to stand all the ease and delight around here when we finally get one? I wonder.


Here's the fun book I mentioned. It's called Mary Emmerling's American Country Cottages. Find it here at I've looked through it countless times in the past few years and never tire of it.



Anonymous said...

Hi Debra, glad you are still enjoying the book. Although, I was surprised to see my name on your blog! Cleaning out a bookcase the other day, I ran across one of your favorites, "The Art of Homemaking" by Daryl Hoole. In fact, you sent it to me! I had to stop and read a few pages.

Hope Tom is feeling better, today. Enjoying Hobbit Cottage and your happy posts. Hugs, Joyce

Anonymous said...

Glad Tom is feeling better...pain is so hard to endure longterm!!

How lovely that already the cottage feels like home!! Hope you get your fridge soon...makes shopping easier!!
Elizabeth in NC