Saturday, September 24, 2011

Hooray! Sold a Tractor, Bought a Fridge

Yay! Life will be nearing normal around here soon. Guess God knew my Pollyanna halo was speedily sliding off my head after living exactly three weeks with no refrigerator.

Earlier today we traveled back to the ol' farm town to our neighbors' house, for they'd stored Tom's last tractor for him. Tom found a buyer for it so we met him there and while I chatted with so-kind Bev inside her cute farmhouse, Tom sold the tractor and thus severed our last tie with Little Town In The Middle of Nowhere.

So to celebrate, Tom said he'd like to stop at an estate sale we'd spied earlier and while I stayed inside the car (cuz I still hate stuff) reading a lovely decorating book my friend, Donna, loaned me yesterday, Tom bought a refrigerator. Wow. Everything was priced one-half-off so we got it for only $125, just what we'd been hoping to pay.

Making this story short, Tom asked our neighbor to help us move the fridge into the house when it arrived by way of a mover and our neighbor is just the sweetest guy, ever. We'd met him and his wife three weeks ago on Moving Day, they're around our age, and both are a delight. They even have a delightful, beautiful dog, Maggie.

So anyway, we have our fridge, though we won't plug it in until tomorrow (another long story). But we're so grateful that yet one more detail has been taken care of around here, another one showing us God's obvious care. He is so good.

And oh, I will never, ever take refrigeration for granted again! :)


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Kristi in the Western Reserve said...

So glad to hear Tom is beginning to feel better, and you sold a tractor and bought a fridge......I think you have done such a wise thing in moving to Hobbit Cottage!