Tuesday, September 13, 2011

Living/Dining Room Photos

So here's our living room:

Small, cozy, just the way I like it. Still amazes me how our possessions seem to belong here.

We did have to angle our entertainment center away from the wall for tv viewing and out of necessity I came up with this idea:

Just stuck a eucalyptus valence and a painting on the back. Voila. :) (Did you notice the bassett hounds up top?) Oh, and someday I'll paint a border around the painting over the couch so that it will make a bolder statement.

Opposite our table is our hutch:

Know when  decorating is the most fun? When we refuse to get stuck with just one arrangement. When we remain pliable, move things around, learn to view our rooms from brand new perspectives and have fun with the whole creative adventure.

Life is the most fun that way, also, for certainly the ruts we dig for ourselves end up being boring, depressing places, indeed.



Oh, and to Mrs. Mac--yes, that is a military hat on the shelf from yesterday. It belonged to Tom's dad way back when he was in the army. Good eye.


Oh! One more thing. Yesterday I discovered that all of the old Andy Griffith Show episodes are on instant view at Netflix. Yay! I'd been watching my two sets of dvd's for the first time in probably three years so how timely that I'd discover I can keep on watching and watching and ---  :)



Judy said...

Oh! I LOVE it!
I'm going to have to come back and soak it all in when I have some time to REALLY look.

Tracy said...

Lovely, Debra! It looks so cozy at Hobbit Cottage. :)

Kristi in the Western Reserve said...

This has your warm and welcoming look, Debra....And the hutch will give you lots to play with from time to time, rearranging things for a new look. This hobbit house has great style!

There's a craftman feeling about the house. When was it built?

And, I see you have a copy of Nancy Keeps House...Makes me wonder if the maud copy is still circulating around and about. I love looking at the titles of books on other people's shelves.

Deborah Raney said...

Debra, your new house is a cozy delight! You managed to somehow keep exactly the right things! Angling that entertainment center and hanging a painting on the back was just short of brilliant! So much more interesting than lining everything along the wall. Perfect! Can't wait to see the rest of the house! You've made me look forward to downsizing!

Mrs. Mac said...

I LOVE your new abode! I was just taking a little look-see at your clever angle of the entertainment center and thought that by covering the back with a panel of white/cream bead board would make it almost seem like a little angled wall and almost disappear visually. You have white and wood mixed furniture .. which I just LOVE. Your front door is beautiful.

Anonymous said...

Love it...can't believe you just moved in. It is quite nice and somewhat 'chic'. I admire both you and Tom to be able to live in such a small house. I couldn't do it and I live alone. I just did the opposite of what you did. I bought myself a big farmhouse on a few acres and love it as much as you love your small house.


Echoes From the Hill said...

The angled entertainment center makes a nice division between the living room and dining area. Lots of ways to decorate the back of it, too.