Tuesday, September 20, 2011

More of Hobbit Cottage

So. Some of you have asked to see more photos of Hobbit Cottage, and well, that makes me smile.

There's not a whole lot more to show you.  :)

You've seen part of Tom's office (when I showed you the coat rack), but here's another part:

Oh, and by way of a helpful hint, here's something he found at Dollar Tree which he said is a great help for his back:

Pretty nifty for only a dollar, right?

There's a door within his office which leads to our bathroom:

Some of you may recall that the shelves were a Mother's Day gift from Naomi and I used to store my retro teen books upon them. Well, here at Hobbit Cottage, they are an enormous help storage-wise in the bathroom. And usually I'm not a fan of grey walls, but I actually like these, especially with the white trim.

Hmmm.... they're looking white here but trust me, they're grey.

So there you go. Your photos for the day.

And oh, I so love living here. For more reasons than I can say right now, but hopefully over the next few weeks I can share them all.

God is so amazing to have brought us here--and at the perfect time, too.



Elizabeth said...

So glad you are happy and enjoying your new home.

Pat said...

I'm so happy that you're so happy!
The bathroom is so pretty. I'm a fan of graeige. Kind of a paint mixture of gray and beige. It looks lovely with yellow and just about any color!
I'm so happy you have found such peach in your sweet little hobbit!

Judy said...

Sooo nice!

Saija said...

i love the way you have been able to cut down on possessions - i thought we had done that with the 2 moves within 10 months - but somehow, stuff keeps creeping up on me ...

Pearl said...

I love the gray walls and white trim, my nephew and his wife just did there home in this light gray and it's so soothing and fresh looking. Your house looks so cute, great decorating. Have a good week. Pearl

mizsuzee said...

Such a cute home, Debra! One of my new year resolutions (why do I make them?) was to DEclutter my home. I'm not doing a very good job, I'll admit, but you are an inspiration!
By the way, Did Tom get the injections? Sure hope he's feeling much better by now!!

Kristi in the Western Reserve said...

Very nice! And not so much work to maintain it that you can't find lots of time for other things and probably more energy and less exhaustion. I'm still astonished by all you and Tom accomplished in such a short time! (With Grace, of course!)