Saturday, September 10, 2011

Just Plain Grateful

So here is part of my attic room so far. (The walls are actually a warmer cream color.) Now do you get why I named this place Hobbit Cottage? Look at that low, sloping ceiling! Let me tell ya, I've bumped my head probably five times getting used to it. But as with most things in this life, it is possible to adapt to something if you're determined.

It's lovely upstairs here in Debra's World. I sit here and thank God for releasing us from the ol' farm and for transferring us here with our sanity still intact (though Tom did have a case of heat exhaustion...eeks!). This cottage home is a peaceful place where I pull possessions from boxes and serendipity! Discover that everything fits perfectly--as though created for this one house.

And also up here I thank God that Tom and I are now officially sick of stuff and things. You should see all we left at the farm for the new people--paintings, lamps, a lovely maple card table, a cool old hanging car clock, my green marble paper towel holder, farm tools, potted plants I'd planned to carry here, etc. But it was all too much, too exhausting, what with the two extra trips out there on subsequent days in which to pack every inch of our car with remainders. There was just no more space--and no more desire to hold onto our last few remaining possessions there.

And the trash we tossed! Over the last three weeks we must have carried out thirty to forty trash bags and while driving away from the farm the final time, I asked Tom, "What were we doing keeping so much trash, anyway? How embarrassing."

Never, ever again. Never. Ever.

And now? Now we feel it's the people who own the fewest possessions who are actually the most blessed. Blessed with extra space, energy and time, especially, in which to do what God called them to in Life. Or to travel far or down the street. Time and the desire to invite friends over and encourage neighbors or to just relax, watch birds from windows and feel grateful from their very souls.

To not have their hearts divided-up or diluted amongst tons of stuff and things.

Naomi saw our home for the first time yesterday and pronounced it perfect for us. Hobbit Cottage is actually on the way on her short drive to work. With all the hundreds of houses Tom and I viewed online we really do believe God led us to the best one. He is so good.


More pictures to follow. After eight days of hour-after-hour labor (something which is quite foreign to me...heh...), I'm taking today off. I'll try to walk around with my camera and snap a few shots for you.


Thanks so much for your kind comments!


"Every increased possession loads us with new weariness." ... John Ruskin


Remember our huge 'American Pickers moving sale'? The one where we ruthlessly got rid of tons of stuff? Well, to illustrate our seriousness about "having nothing in our home which we do not find beautiful or useful" we're planning another yard sale in October for anything which doesn't fit comfortably inside this house. Seriously, we're having such fun letting go of things and too, allowing other people to enjoy our stuff.



Tracy said...

I can't wait to see more pictures! Hobbit Cottage is charming so far. :)

Rita said...

What a very nice place. So peaceful and you will no longer be under a burden of stuff. God blessed you "real good."

Echoes From the Hill said...

It looks very cozy. It must be very liberating to get rid of "excess baggage".

K.E. said...

I had to do the same pre/post movng garage sale thingy when I moved into my ~ 700 sf house in FL - and I am a purger!
Still - isn't it all just so perfect when it's only treasures you really, really love?
Congratulations on finding your dream cottage!

Odie Langley said...

I would dearly love to be in the same situation Debra. I open cabinet doors and have an avalanche hit me in the face simply because we have way too much stuff. There are literally things in our cabinets that have not been touched since we got married back in 2004. Unfortunately Linda still likes to hold onto "all" her possessions. I pray to one day be able to do as you are doing.

Mary said...

Hmm I think you have an Alice in Wonderland room in your Hobbit House! It looks great- congrats!