Monday, September 12, 2011

More Photos From Our New Life

So. At 7:30 yesterday morning I backed out of our tiny garage for the first time and headed the six blocks to the supermarket. All was silent, sunny. In the parking lot I easily found a space, turned off the motor and thought, "Whoa. This is very, very cool."

Oh, how amazing, after three years, to live so near a real-live supermarket! My entire time inside felt like I was walking streets of gold (or something). And I didn't even have any coupons with me! Great was the joy even without them.

How good to be in the right place at the right time of your life.


Later yesterday afternoon I added a valence above our kitchen sink the easy way. I just strung the valence onto a cafe curtain rod then stretched it above the cabinets. I've discovered a few ways here to avoid using nails/screws in the walls and that was one:

Oh, and here's a free helpful hint: I always keep a kitchen towel folded on the door of the dishwasher to keep it from latching and unlatching over and over. The latch on our last dishwasher broke from much usage so this idea will--hopefully--keep that from happening again.

And here's a corner of the kitchen you haven't yet seen:

I love that picture wall. My dear grandparents are in the top photo, Tom's ggg- grandparents in the second and the last photo we discovered in the back of a 1908 book about earthquakes. And my kit-kat clock, of course, the last Christmas gift from my parents before my dad passed away. Love that clock--I'd wanted one since Honey, I Shrunk The Kids first came out.


Oh, and there are few (very few!) things I miss about the ol' farm, but a coat closet is one of them. So here's the one I made yesterday (my version of a closet, anyway):

This is in Tom's office, at the base of the stairs and will be an especially good place for guests' coats and hats this winter. I'll also be hanging Tom's cowboy hats from the left side of the post. Speaking of our stairs, here they are:

I think they're pretty, yet they're slippery, too, so we'll be remedying that soon (not with a carpet runner since I don't relish the idea of vacuuming stairs. Been there, done that.). Oh, and did you notice that display shelf cut into the wall at the upper right? We found that a nice touch. Still haven't decided what to display there, though.

And that's enough for today!


Oh! Except that someone asked about Tom's tractors... Well, he sold all but one, and so our neighbor there happily agreed to store it until Tom sells it by way of Craig's List.



Tracy said...

Simply charming! :)

Elizabeth said...

I love everything you've done!

Rita said...

Your home is so nice. Just love your kitchen and the way you decorate simply and yet beautifully.

Mrs. Mac said...

Very nice! I could only see one of the kitchen pictures (boo, hoo) .. my computer is not .. I don't know what??? But I did notice a vintage looking military hat on the new coat 'closet' shelf (yes/no)??

Donetta said...

It is a wonderful thing to see you so pleased with this adventure. Smiling with you as your sweet new home becomes a reflection of you.

Pat said...

How quickly and beautifully you have turned it into "your" home, it is just so pretty! The more I see, I have to once again say, you made a good choice.
I'll be right over for a cup of tea, or coffee!

Blu-I'd-Blonde said...

Your cottage has so much personality! I love your upstairs nook and peaceful library. I envy the drop leaf table in your top photo. We had one like that since our early years, maybe 40 or so, but since we bought a beautiful table and 4 chairs my bro.-in-law made when my sis died last March, we had to part with something. I kept one of the captain chairs to use in my tiny office in the spare room. We gave the table and rest of chairs (3) to our son.

I don't know why I don't follow my heart rather than letting my hubby or whoever talk me out of things. I guess it's because I struggle between nostalgia and minimalism.