Sunday, September 11, 2011

More Photos and Remembering....

So here's something new for you... the other part of my attic room. I'm taking the photo from in between the beds I showed you the other day. (That's Andy Williams on the album beside my dresser. He looks so good there.)  :) My closet is just before the chimney and my little library is behind the chimney, to the left. The stairs, of course, are behind the half-wall. And you're looking at the media side of my room, you know, where I talk with you. Sitting upon that footstool at the computer is a bit less than ideal, but someday I'll think of something else.

(For instance, this morning: we needed a coat closet so I created one. I'll show it to you someday.)

Anyway, here's the entertainment side of my room (I'm facing the beds this time.) See those magazines beneath the oval table? Can you believe those are the only magazines I now own? Really, it feels great to have so few.

So there you go. Another little peek into my new life.


Today with everyone else, I am remembering 9/11/2001 (not that any of us ever really forget). But for my own mental health, I will remember, yet not relive it. There is a healthy difference, I believe. Rather like how some people--on the anniversary of their loved ones' deaths--dread the day weeks in advance, torturing themselves, reliving only the sadness of their relatives' painful final day(s) . Me? On those anniversaries I, instead, choose to remember all I loved about those I've lost and the special moments we shared together.

If I don't guard my own mental health, who else will? These are the kinds of things I'm learning as the years sail by and I grow older.

Thank-you so much for sharing your comments, your stories and your very sweet encouragement with me!



                          Here's a clearer shot of half of my library nook.

                                                   The other half.

And now that you are intimately acquainted with my attic room, we will close the curtain upon it and move to other areas inside, outside, upside-down. ;)


And for Kristi (and other book lovers)-- if you double-click on the library photos, you'll be able to read some of the titles of my books. (I love reading the titles of people's bookshelves, too!)



Tracy said...

Lovely! I sure am enjoying seeing your charming home. :)

Mrs. Mac said...

It's all coming together. Making a coat closet .. now that's intriguing :) Well .. have a blessed Sunday .. and it does us good to not forget .. but also not to relive. Hugs,

K.E. said...

Thank you! That is what I have been struggling to express - remember but not relive.

I was listening to the radio this morning - and several people mentioned not having closure.
But how could you when the whole world is a constant reminder?

On another note: your house is adorable.

Anonymous said...

Looking good there!! Thanks for the peek!

I agree with you...anniversaries of loved ones we have lost, needs to be about the good memories of them!! And besides as we keep edging towards our own departure one day, we can more and more say that the separation is just temporary!!

Pearl said...

It all looks so good Debra, I can't wait to see the rest. Hope you are getting some rest after all this moving, no easy task as we all know. Take care, Pearl