Wednesday, September 28, 2011

Days of Appreciation

Still here! Just enjoying Life. Living in Hobbit Cottage. Decorating, creating efficient ways of doing things. Opening and closing the refrigerator door (yippee!) Feeding those crazy packs of sparrows.

Shopping at the supermarket and Dollar Tree just down the street. And knowing our roof gutters are cleaned-out and covered (thanks to Naomi and her friend). Making two compost heaps out of cardboard boxes and saving our fruit and vegetable clippings again. Getting back into shape, especially by climbing all these stairs. Taking naps. Spending happy hours alone upstairs in Debra's World. Watching I Love Lucy at

Still searching for the bulk of our silverware which may have been left behind at the farm(!) We're using pieces rescued from the dishwasher there plus our 'family silver' handed-down three generations, though it's only plated. Alas.

Doing laundry (didn't hook-up our washing machine for two weeks, so that feels luxurious, also). Making plans to visit the town library only blocks away. Feeling grateful Tom is no longer sick. Reveling in having time and the energy to do what God's called me to. And did I mention loving opening and closing the refrigerator door? :)

Hoping you are enjoying the everyday stuff, too. There's always so much of it to celebrate.


Speaking of just living my life... At 14, a dear elderly friend gave me a postcard with this poem upon it and I love the ways it gives to help others in our daily lives:

The World Has Need of You

If it's ever so small the part you take,
The world has need of you.
Be it big or little the effort you make,
The world has need of you.
If it's only a thought you give by the way,
If it's only love's word you pause to say,
It's a part that nobody else can play,
So the world has need of you.

By your smile you can change another's life;
By a word you can bring peace out of strife;
Then lift your head and never say die;
Count every blessing, stop every sigh,
Get busy ... don't let a chance slip by,
For the world has need of you.

Evelyn Whitell


Thanks for your kind comments about our new home!


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Morning's Minion said...

I found myself thinking of you today--someone I'll never meet in person--and was impressed all over again that the fridge turned up in such a timely way and at the right price!