Saturday, September 24, 2011

Drats, No Watercolor Trees Here :)

Of course, not everything is just peachy keen here at Hobbit Cottage. Wouldn't want you to get any false impressions.

Tom is still not well. Still not sleeping, still dealing with an irritable bowel kind of thing and various pains keeping him awake. And of course, it's hard for me not to worry about him so that does darken these days, days already quite dark outside because nearly all have been cloudy since our arrival. But finally I've convinced Tom to go see his general doctor on Monday. Finally.

And we still don't have a refrigerator for various reasons, some having to do with Tom's being sick. So this means lots of running up and down the basement stairs to the freezer down there, and defrosting things in little bowls of water and coming up with new ideas and not being able to bake, really, because we can't keep eggs and eating out of cans and -- Well, you know.

And I keep getting up around 3:30 a.m. (or earlier) because, not being used to actual labor, I fall into bed at 7:30 each night. Also, one of the main reasons I wanted to leave the farm was that every time a bit of wind blew through the yard I'd have to drag myself around to pick up hundreds of branches (oh, my back...). Well, when we lived in the suburbs before, our yard had no large trees so my silly head made a sort of  "in the suburbs, branches do not fall out of trees" connection.

Ha. On our second night here thunder and lightning and wind shook the place and so guess what I discovered when I walked out the back door? Tons of downed twigs and branches. Alas. Those trees you see in my header may appear like watercolor trees, but trust me, they are real ones which drop real branches at the least tiny nudge.

But you know? Overall, my life is a hundred times nicer and less complicated here at Hobbit Cottage and I am re-learning to concentrate on what is going right. And finding creative solutions to problems I can fix, learning to live with the ones I can't--and knowing the difference.

I mean, at least Tom isn't having to go to work while feeling this way and thankfully, our house and yard are small enough for me to tackle alone when the need arises. And I can easily shop for food just down the street ... all these trees are beautiful outside our windows ... and with all this extra climbing of stairs to the freezer and back, and  with all this unpacking, etc., I've lost some weight (trust me, I'm super-thankful for that). Plus all the other cool stuff I've previously told you.

We all have things... trials.... problems. But what matters most? It's what we do about them. How we view them, think about them and speak about them. What matters is that we keep our joy so that we'll, in turn, keep our strength to deal with whatever may come along today to conquer. In all things we are more than conquerors (as the Bible says) but I like to think that God appreciates working along beside me to conquer things while I'm keeping a good humor and staying upbeat rather than being a mopey, stodgy ol' complainer.

I'm sure He's already got His quota filled with those. :)


Something else kinda nifty? We can see a river from our front porch. Well, a couple tiny bits of it (the cars in this photo are in the way right now...), but hey. I'll take it. I've always wanted to live near a river and someday when I stop wearing myself out around the house I will take walks down there.


"The world is so full of a number of things, I'm sure we should all be as happy as kings." Robert Louis Stevenson ...

Oh! And another delightful thing... Yesterday I discovered that at they have tons of I Love Lucy episodes. Woo hoo! Now I no longer must watch my season 2 discs over and over or wait until 9:00 a.m. each morning to watch two episodes on METV.

"The joy of the Lord is my strength..."  Nehemiah 8:10

"And be ye thankful..."


Anonymous said...

The Bible verse you closed with has helped me through many trials that I have gone through in my life. Glad that your husband will be going to the Drs soon. Keep looking up!! I enjoy reading your blog.


Anonymous said...

TWO tables on the nice sized porch? Wow! Are you on a corner lot too?

Hope you can find some practical ways to help Tom with his irritable bowel...might find something online...recently read of something that helps that problem...if only I could remember WHERE I read it. Hubby and I have more the liver/stomach ails...and rely a great deal on applesauce and apples for that...kept in fridge at all times. It does soothe our troubles. Amazingly fast too.

Hope you soon are able to get your fridge...rather helpful and needed in our lifestyles!! I suppose you COULD keep some things, like eggs, in a nice Coleman freezer chest, keeping ice in the freezer to put in the chest to keep food. Since we are traveling more lately, I have been using such (even got an insulated large bag that will fit inside it, and we have a large waterfilled and frozen ice container that we put there too...and holds food quite well). Gotta think: CAMPING!!

So nice to live so near a river...or even a creek...anyplace one might be able to see/hear such is so comforting!! Last place we lived had a 6-8 month running stream and even though was some distance from the house...we could HEAR IT WELL!! Loved it!!

Blessings and hoping for a soon solution to the needs there,

Mrs. Mac said...

Life at Hobbit Cottage will be less work than the farm .. once you settle in. Moving in general is always such a drain on life even with two or more able bodies .. you have done a great job! I like the idea of having a cooler (previous comment) .. or even a freezer bag with a block of re-freezable 'blue ice' inside to keep at least eggs cool. Hope your husband is feeling better soon.