Wednesday, July 13, 2011

Once Upon a Time

Gah. Just call me Sentimental Sally.

I took another Healing Day yesterday, sat around remembering the early and later years of Lennon and McCartney, how they made me smile on normal housekeeping days and the way they napped in sunlight and enriched my hours. The way I could pause in all the work and music and happiness to hug them and scratch their backs.

But now they're gone... the days, the cats and I'm sitting here repeating  this song, this Once Upon a Time,  over and over with tears in my eyes.

Oh, I can't wait to get to Hobbit Cottage! Though yes, I realize we're not supposed to wish days away (since they're all too precious), but just this once maybe it's ok. Perhaps (but I'm thinking probably not...). Sigh.

Healing Days! I've taken far too many here on this farm. Seems I'm always recuperating from the death of something, sitting here as though in a waiting room, waiting to recuperate, waiting for healing to arrive. But how necessary these days are, otherwise hurts get stuffed down and down, erupting some far-off day, taking one by surprise and bringing confusion ("Where's this coming from? I thought I was fine!")

Oh well... There's much decluttering to do and I am so wanting to let go of it all, fling it all to the winds, then return to the simple life of dusting, washing dishes and staring out of windows while music from old decades plays and cookbooks and 1930's magazines wait for me upon the kitchen table. My old life--can't wait to get back there, though with a new twist.

I know.... give it time. Give it time and don't wish away the days--but instead--do what you can to give yourself what you need today, as well as giving to others, too. Stay away from helpless and sad and head toward 'with God all things are possible', instead.

I know...


Thankfully, I began reading a fun book yesterday, one even from this century(!) It's called Leave It To Claire by Tracey Bateman and is about a Christian fiction writer who's a single mom of four kids. And so much more. Check it out here.

Oh, and don't forget to check out the aforementioned song. I've treasured Andy Williams' version since I was a teenager, recorded it from the radio to a cassette tape (remember those?) and listened non-stop for days (such a goofy 17-year-old of the 70's), but John Gary's version is lovely, too.


Do not say, “Why were the old days better than these?” For it is not wise to ask such questions."   ... Ecclesiastes 7:10


"Thank God we can press on to what He has in store for us. In the meantime we need to keep our hand to the plow and quit looking back to what once was and will never be again."  ...  Joyce Meyer
(I was so grateful to read that on Facebook on Sunday. So needed it.)



Odie Langley said...

Joyce always has a good word for us to help us along our journey.

Anonymous said...

Nice song, nice voice. Life, to me, seems a progression of adjustments to changes, which seem to happen more quickly than in years past. Good you are busy during these days of parting. As my last chick has flown the nest, I am glad to have many extra things to do right now. It helps.

Julie soon no longer in Texas said...

I grew up with John Gary singing, as he was the one of my parents' favorites. His voice carried my mother through her last illness and strengthened me with its beautiful power. We move in 2.5 weeks, as well, but we do not have a house to go to, yet. I am flying to our new city to check out some homes with the hubby this weekend, and I am confident that God has prepped the right place just for us, and we will find it this weekend. May both our move be filled with Grace! :)

I am also confident, that perhaps when you least expect it, new years of cats will come to you and Tom, perhaps even as a couple of siblings, such as the ones up for adoption at our vet's office, that I have had to resist scooping up. They will make a new home at Hobbit Cottage. :)