Saturday, July 09, 2011

Funny(?) Thing Happened At The Inspection Yesterday...

Boy oh boy.

The inspection of our new house went swimmingly, except that I went to take notes of all the good surprises and Tom went to make notes of the bad stuff. The inspector even said he was impressed because of the total makeover--it made his job easier, more pleasant. He noted one safety issue--a hand rail is needed from the kitchen to the back door (Tom noted that immediately last week). And he found an 1/8th inch hole in a pipe leading down from the sump pump, a hole "almost as if someone had drilled it," the inspector stated.

Now, immediately for me, light bulb! Maybe someone did drill it and perhaps it's supposed to be there and is just one more of those many things too over my head to understand. So the inspector noted that hole in his report and asked Tom if he wanted him to make an issue of it for the sellers. It could cause a leakage problem, he said.

At first Tom replied, "Yes." Then no. Then maybe. Then finally, no. The inspector said it would be an easy fix for Tom to make, himself.

Good grief. All the way home Tom stressed-out over that 1/8th inch hole. Said he should have made the owners fix/replace it. Then he moaned about the tree which is growing an inch from a side of the garage roof, a tree which is most likely on the neighbor's property. I told him maybe we could ask the neighbor if we could cut it down since it's in a part of his yard he's not using and, as I said, standing one inch from our garage roof (we can't place a gutter on that side).

Tom then got upset that I wasn't worried about all of the many things wrong with that house.

Gah!  (#&%@$%)

We have an acquaintance (let's call Bud) who simply searches, waits for things to go wrong and complains about the tiniest things. Well, I told Tom, "Just stop it! You've got the spirit of Bud all over you. Do you want to be like him? Just knock it off. You're ruining this whole experience."

Not a good ride home.

So guess what? We get home and Tom goes to the computer and looks up that particular sump pump online. It's supposed to have that hole there. Eegads. It's also supposed to have a certain type of valve--which it probably does have--but Tom and the inspector didn't notice because of being fixated on that odd 1/8th inch hole in the pipe. The one that looked as though someone had drilled it.

Don't think I need to explain the lesson Tom learned...

He's still wiping the egg from his face, still hanging his repentant head, still realizing so many things in Life just aren't worth getting an ulcer over.

And if God chose that house for us then--ultimately--everything is gonna be all right.


Tom did call the inspector later to tell him what he'd learned online and the inspector thanked him. (He was a very nice, friendly guy.)


"Come to Me, all you who labor and are heavy-laden and overburdened, and I will cause you to rest. [I will ease and relieve and refresh your souls.]"  ... Matthew 11:28



Pat said...

I enjoyed this so much because I and totally relate! A woman and mans perspective are so different, just like God intended!
We are a half full/half empty couple over here. Sometimes it's a real challenge, and the air can get pretty thick, but through the grace of God, we get through it and past it.
Thanks for the constant honesty-it helps to know there are others out there keeping it real!

Echoes From the Hill said...

I grew up with a mother who could be very negative. I picked up some of her perspective, until someone told me that I was being negative, just like my mother! That was eye opening. I still find myself thinking negative thoughts and have to remind myself that it is not a good habit! Now, I try to look at the positive in each situation, when negativity surfaces.

Storybook Woods said...

Oh my gosh, all I will say is that whole scenario could have been David and I xoxo Clarice