Friday, July 15, 2011

Just Checking-In

Exactly! That's how I feel about our having taken a leap and done the farm thing.

(A special thanks to Crystal at Money Saving Mom blog for that photo.)


P.S. Still healing. It's taking some time, what with all the deaths and stress of the past 5 months. Sigh.

Though yesterday we did go out to lunch with our friends, John and Donna, and that was cathartic and fun. Then today Tom and I went to yard sales where I bought just one thing-- a copy of Fix It And Forget It, a crockpot cookbook for just 25 cents. Then we had a picnic at the park, but for the second time in a week, I've had an all-day headache because of eating chocolate ice cream the previous day. Not a super-painful headache, mind you, one just there enough to taunt me, "Too bad, Debra. Now you can't even have chocolate ice cream, either!"

Bleh. My current season? I'm titling it, The Unfair Season. But yes, we all have those sometimes.

This too shall pass...


P.P.S.  Julie from Texas--my very best wishes for your househunting this weekend! It's been great seeing you back here at my blog--as you've noticed, we have tons of things in common, a sort of overlapping of seasons going on. :)


Judy said...

Ah, the Unfair Season.

I understand.

And, it WILL pass.

Mrs. Mac said...

... and if your unfair season is anywhere near THE CHANGE of season .. then this too shall pass .. and maybe you can once again eat a little bowl of choc. ice cream .. life will normalize soon. You will be set up in your new place and have distant memories of upheaval.

Julie soon no longer in Texas said...

Thanks, Debra! :)