Sunday, July 24, 2011

The Other Side of Decluttering

Okay. Lest you think (after reading my last post) that it's a cinch for me to fling everything away during The Great Decluttering of 2011, let me say this:

Sometimes it almost physically hurts to let go of my stuff.

Really. The hardest things for me to release? My books, dvd's and people's gifts, especially Naomi's. Though I'll add here that Naomi is the most amazing gift-giver I've ever known, personally--her gifts contain incredible thought and insight into what I really want and need--so it's a rare gift of hers that lands in the to-sell-box. So there is that. Thank-goodness.

But oh! Each time I sit down amongst piles of my books, determined to get ever-so ruthless and cull them down to only those I adore, well, that's when the heart pain begins. Oh, my books! And yet I do long to be sensible in this area--to keep not only those I will read over and over, but only those for which I have shelving.

And that's rough. And going through my dvd's is even more difficult sometimes, because movies and tv series characters can even more easily feel like dear old friends. Just one look at a dvd case and I recall the times I slipped that dvd into the player and found comfort there from trying times in The Real World.

Books or dvd's--to get rid of them can feel like one is shoving an old friend out the front door forever. You know, kinda like a death.

So see? I have my decluttering issues, too. And I just wanted to make sure you knew that.

What helps? Reminding myself of the airy, free feeling over on the other side of having decluttered a room/closet/drawer. I do appreciate and treasure that feeling, the knowing that what's left is what I love and/or desperately need, with not much at all in between to muddy those fresh (decluttered) waters. And that someone else out there in the universe is now enjoying what I've outgrown, what I no longer require to keep me 'fixed.'

There is all that, too. And I think it's called growing-up.


"Have nothing in your house that you do not know to be useful, or believe to be beautiful."

... William Morris


So far I've given away 3 boxes of books and have 1 more ready to sell. Besides a handful of some I've not read yet (and may be able to discard), I'm down to the ones which physically make me ache (and a tad dizzy) when considering letting them go. It must be nearly time to stop discarding in the book area.


So on these hot days I'm reading like crazy and yesterday I finished the second book in the 'Claire series', Claire Knows Best. Adored it like the first one and now as I'm reading the third book, I Love Claire, I'm just as delighted and impressed!


Julie soon no longer in Texas said...

What is also helping me is that, at least when I have electricity, I can find most of my favorite media online. I have parted with old records and tapes, because I can find them on I-tunes and Youtube. I do have 3 giant plastic bins (or more!) of my one child's artwork, though! That is tough to throw out, because it shows her through her ages. I am also finding it possible to say goodbye to books I don't really have a strong feeling for, or don't use. If I have forgotten about something for years on end, I figure it's not that important to keep with me forever. ;)

Echoes From the Hill said...

We recently got rid of about 200 books, and it wasn't as difficult as I thought it would be.
It is rather "freeing" to purge!

K.E. said...

I scanned my son's artwork (not every little thing, but the good stuff) and keep it on a flash drive.
I've also heard of people taking pictures of things they find hard to part with.

Judy said...

I've got a lot of book shelves in my basement, but piles are starting to form. At that point my husband gets 'the look' and I know it's just a matter of time before one of his eyebrows starts to arch.

I've found that I thrift shop enough to know that if I REALLY want something enough it WILL show up there.

Makes it easier.

And, now that I know I'm getting closer to having the colors in my kitchen that I have been wanting, I'll be able to get rid of everything that doesn't fit in. Soon. Very soon.

Anonymous said...

Yea...books, etc...we have gone thru some of those today...hubby put a few on Amazon too. But yes, quite hard!!