Thursday, July 21, 2011

First, Run To God, Then ...

God. Who's crazy enough to try to explain Him?

Only silly people like me. :)

I've noticed something kinda wild. When I'm having the hardest, most traumatizing times in my life, friends stop emailing me. I get almost no comments here at my blog. My life goes all radio silence people-wise.

(Insert crickets chirping here.)

 You know, rather like that tv commercial where the couple buys a new refrigerator then-- when the delivery guy leaves--they realize they forgot to ask about a guarantee (or something) so they race out the door to catch him, but alas! Outside there's only an expanse of desert sand. And silence.

But hey! I've got God figured-out on this one.

See, it used to upset me that just when (I believed) I needed people the very most, poof! they disappeared. Vanished, leaving me to wander around to discover some comfort on my own. And then eventually, I'd wander to God and find deep healing from my pain from His cool, healing pools.

And ok, because I'm so slow to comprehend these things, it required years to see that was God's best plan for me. That I would seek Him first. Find my best healing in His arms. I even figured-out that it's probably God, Himself, who closes the eyes and ears of my friends from my hardest times, at least until I've sought Him for comfort, first.

After all, He can be funny that way.

So hey, years ago I stopped getting mad at my friends (which only destroys progress) for their cluelessness to my emotional aches and pains. There's no need for that because I've got God figured-out on this one thing, at least. Go to Him first, Debra. Run to the Throne instead of the phone (heh. Another Joyce Meyer classic line.)

Now, can God help comfort us through our friends? Of course He can. We do, after all, need each other and He's put us together for a reason. But what I've found? Even dearest friends cannot help and comfort me as completely, as powerfully, as the Friend who sticks closer than a brother.

And that's ok. I no longer expect them to.


"You shall have no other gods before me... For I, the Lord, am a jealous God."


Oh! I dscovered a James Taylor and Mark Knopfler song this morning. If you like great guitar stuff and harmonies, you'll enjoy this.



Lisa in Texas = ) said...

You know I can totally relate to what you have written about today. It seems that alot of times when people are there - they are trying to tell you to get over what ever it is- so sometimes the backing off is much better(for me anyway). One thing that I have discovered is that during the rough time - at first it seemed that people backed off - now I think it might be me that backs off. And for a good reason - all of this is teaching me to depend on Jesus. He is trying to teach me to totally depend on Him. And this is hard for me cause I try so hard to just take care of it all - on my own. Jesus is so much more trust worthy. And when we go to Him to fulfill our needs - we are truly filled - but we need to keep going to Him on an on going basis(something else I am having to learn.) People can and will disappoint us - God won't.
Lisa :o)

Odie Langley said...

It's no doubt "people" will let you down and fail you but God never will. We need to stay focused.

Kristi in the Western Reserve said...

Wise advice!

Julie soon no longer in Texas said...

I heard that song about a month ago on a radio show... absolutely LOVE it! Two great artists, together making their talents explode.

Glad you know God is always by you, Debra. Wish more people understood that He doesn't force himself upon us, but we must go out and let Him know we want Him to be around. (But, I know He still looks after us, even when we don't have the Welcome mat out!) :)