Thursday, July 28, 2011

Trouble Down On The Farm. Well, Kinda.

Uh-oh. Rough times again.

The bank appraisal was re-evaluated and they are not budging. It's still coming in $5,500 less than the price we'd settled on with our buyers.

We can't do that. That was the money we needed to make Hobbit Cottage more winter-friendly and it's not like we have tons of money coming in to make up for that, at least not right now.

So you know? Tom and I sat here yesterday (downing vanilla Oreos since my head can't handle chocolate anymore--how unfair is that at times like these?) and discussed just forgetting this whole thing. Just staying here until we move out-of-state.

I mean, hey--Naomi found an apartment and will move away next week so I'll get Upstairs Land back to myself. And I've been feeling more peaceful about this place all week. Tom promised to do more of the mowing outside, himself (yeah, I'll get that in writing and lest you think that sounds odd, hey! He asked me to put a few things in writing, like I promise not to get all crabby if we must stay here, etc.). And he can even have the whole living room as his official man cave. I don't care anymore--just give me a getaway of my own upstairs and I'll be fine.

We'd still hold the huge yard sale and live here with less stuff--so much so--that the walls would echo (I can dream.) And we'd still rescue two more cats. Soon.

But then Tom spoke with Cher on the phone.

And long story short, she's going to try to make this work so that everybody's happy. Good luck to her, but hey-- if anyone can do that, Cher (Super Realtor) can.

So we shall see what we shall see.

What I'm grateful for? I've learned not to hold anything by its throat, whining, "If I can't have ________ then I cannot be happy ever."

I know better than that. I've been taught better by my years and experiences and by God, Himself.

No, there's only one 'thing,' one Person who I must have in order to be happy.

And I think you all know just Who that is.

Stay tuned.


The movie, The Source Code, is arriving today via Netflix. Oh my, perfect timing! I've longed to see that film since the first mili-second I saw the advertisement, for that's probably always been my favorite genre of film--I'm talking since I was a kiddo watching hokey Sci-Fi on Saturday afternoons.

Anyone else see it? Without giving anything away, what did you think? :)


"My times are in your hands, oh Lord..."  ... Psalm 31:15



Rita said...

You sound weary. It sure gets that way when trying repeatedly to make plans that fall through. Hopefully Cher will be able to get this to happen. If not, I like your idea of you using the upstairs and hubby using the down stairs when you each need your time. It should work out good. If it has been as hot there as it is here in Indiana it just drains the energy right out of you. I worked at the school yesterday for 2 hours in the cement, not air conditioned building, with a fan and in a 1/2 hour was nearly sick. Still don't feel good today. So I know that weary feeling real well. :) Have a good day today. Choose a fun place to drive, for a good lunch, or ice cream. It will end up being a good day. I even like to buy a new magazine on days like that.

Lisa in Texas = ) said...

Debra~ This SO sounds like the situation with my job- it was like I got a peace about going back to it- just before it came apparent that - that was the direction that God was leading me. And I was able to go back - grateful for the job. Praying that God's will - will be done - We are always happiest in God's will - sometimes we have to learn some lessons first(I speak from experience here)
Will be watching for updates,
Lisa :O)

Echoes From the Hill said...

How unsettling that things keep you where you are. Maybe someone is trying to tell you something. It is good that you are okay with whatever happens, at least for the immediate future.
Having your home to yourselves, again, might give you the peace you need.
I guess this is truly a case of being able to "bloom where you are planted".

Hope what is right for you, will be the solution.

Morning's Minion said...

I'm taken back in time about three years to when a sale [spec house] was taking literally months to accomplish--it did happen in the end but we had to make some surprise accomodations with our buyer when the appraisal fell short of what they needed [the appraiser involved was later fined for his mishandling of the evaluation, but that didn't help much!]
So, if it takes Netflix and modified Oreos, go for it.
You know God is in charge--and He doesn't begrudge you some de-stress treats.

Mary said...

How frustrating for you, I am so sorry. I really hope things work out for you, the buyers for your farm, and the sellers of hobbit house. Maybe Cher can work some magic!

Anonymous said...

Stay or go...good plans!! Often things will somehow "pan out" when we step away and just say ok, whatever comes. Tis true.
And if not, then we are not supposed to, for some reason unknown to us, walk through the door that seemed open.

Hubby's great job offer seems to have totally evaporated. We have no idea why...we have a few guesses, but none of them might be correct. But no matter, door closed. So over and done. Next thing, still have to pare down and that is a big job, taking time...and we do know he needs to get on social security soon, found out it can happen 6 months earlier than he some good even so!! And we do know he must retire, but the when remains unknown. Changes...tis what life seems about, eh??

Blessings on your "whatever comes",

Jan said...

Let it go and what God wants to happen will happen.