Monday, July 25, 2011

What I'm Watching (Please Be Kind...)

Oh! I forgot to tell you something.

Most likely because it's so embarrassing to do so.

But here goes: Last week I began instant-Netflixing the tv series, Man v. Food.

There, I said it. Whew. (Wasn't sure if I could admit it to you. We are talking major guilty pleasure here. Major.)

Oh my, goodness .. I love that show! Really. But the odd thing? It flies in the face of everything I believe and have preached about food. Everything. But yeah, yeah.... Still, I love watching the host, Adam, travel around to all these diners, eating the yummiest-looking junk food your eyes ever beheld.

He even takes these challenges--eats a ton of bbq (or whatever fill-in-the-blank) in order to win t-shirts and/or to have his picture put up on a wall.

Oh dear. While Adam (who's hilarious and makes me laugh out loud) is eating all that fatty, cheesy, salty stuff, I pray for him. I pray that he (and his fellow diner-visitors) will get some common sense and stop eating that way so that he'll live past 40.

But yeah, I'm praying while I'm watching the guy stuff down all that food. I've almost completed the whole first season and I can't get over how it's almost like tasting all that food, myself. Well, not all of it, because hey! I would never eat all of that fried, buttery, chewy, delectable--uh--food. But oh my, the reckless part of me which so appreciates comfort food can nearly taste sane amounts of those bbq'd ribs and the burgers and steaks, myself. I mean, the milkshakes Adam drank today! I almost wiped away the coffee milkshake moustache from my own mouth afterward. (Hey, I said almost.)

Gah. I  know I shouldn't like that show. I know it stands for everything in the food world gone wrong. I know it's a sin to eat like a proverbial pig.

But still I watch. And I thought I should confess this to you on my 7th blogiversary, of all days.

Forgive me.  :)


Odie Langley said...

I like it too and can't figure out why he isn't already wide and he is tall.

Marcso said...

Ooo I am the same, hubby hates it, thnks its promotes gluttony.. (Which it does) but it gives me really great inspiration for new recipes to try :) Thats how I justify it ;)

Deborah Raney said...

Happy blogiversary, Debra! Thank you for 7 years of inspiration, entertainment and friendship! (Actually, I'm not sure I discovered you that long ago, but however may years I've been reading your blog, it's been a pleasure!)

Judy said...

Happy Blog-versary to you Debra!

Donetta said...

silliness is a part of a humorous life

Storybook Woods said...

7 years girl, congrats xoxo Clarice