Wednesday, October 22, 2008

We're preparing to leave for the airport... I really shouldn't even be on here but I wanted to share a teensy bit of good news.

Remember those notebooks filled with decorating photos from magazines which I'd gathered for 20 years and which I lost in our move?

No, I didn't find them. heh

But! I did discover that I'd copied some of them into my online photo album years ago. Hooray!

So I placed them into a new blog which I've called Decorating Ideas (how original and creative, huh?) :)

If you are interested, the blog is here.

See you later after good-byes which I'm not anticipating... It's always hard to say good-bye to ones mother...

1 comment:

... Paige said...

{hugs} to maybe help the parting easier when you get back home.
Love the old photo and very glad you found some of the notebook.
I suppose I was one of those lost links into the netherland. Here I am if ya want to add me back.