Tuesday, October 07, 2008

Tom, my mom and I took a drive through two local, scenic towns this morning, towns with old mansions set back on land across from Lake Ontario. (Happy sigh...) Dreamy places, indeed.

But guess what we found on the way sitting along the curb? This old card table and high chair. Cool, huh? We crammed them in the back of our car alongside my mom. :)

I think Tom and I expect to find little surprises wherever we go and that's a whole lot better than expecting trouble or the same ol' thing.

Our barn loft is appearing better lately. With its missing windows the sun shines in more brightly, though too bad my annoying camera can't seem to show that light. Remember when we decided to have a kinda-sorta museum up there? Well, today we decided to expand upon that idea and have old stuff you might find in a forgotten attic as well as the metal stuff hanging on the walls. You know, make it appear as though eons ago, long-dead owners placed their belongings up in the barn and left them. Though our rule--my rule, actually--already is that the overall look be one of 'controlled chaos'. Very controlled, very neat, even to the point of having these belongings labeled and in rows or in those room settings you might see in a museum or even the Smithsonian.

This feels all so Moffat Museum-ish. How fun to be 49 years old and still able to play.

One more thing... See this nifty hose holder?

Tom bought it for me last week--and I'd not even nagged him about one for months! I've wanted one for, oh, ten years at least. Just another example of good things coming to those who wait.

Never give-up on anything or anyone... even if all your relatives or friends tell you that your specific dream is impossible. In our microwave society, we've all been so conditioned to believe that if something takes more than two weeks to become reality, well then, it wasn't meant to be.

Ha! Untrue City.

All that doubt being thrown at you is just part of the test, that's all. So hang in there and keep dreaming... and working... and believing.


Patty said...

great finds, I especially love the high chair...so perfect for a wee one.
The hose caddy is so pretty. Well worth waiting for.

Echoes From the Hill said...

What did you do with all that stuff in the barn loft?