Thursday, October 23, 2008

I walked the mile+ home from our town library this morning in the sun and in my black wool coat (like new, from a yard sale) and 40 degree temps. Perfect, the chill on my face and all those old houses I passed by. I even spied a deck up in a tree on someone's 'back 40,' complete with two patio lounge chairs up there. Loved that.

Then I called my mom to hear about her adventure home and we had a nice chat, even told her I wished I'd been more organized while she was here. But we've not lived in this house and upon this land long enough to be truly settled... it takes time to settle-in, I keep reminding myself. Yet still I try to rush it because oh my... when I can't find something, it bugs me. A lot. One of those 'first-born' things which I'm still attempting to grow out of.

Anyway, Tom and I can now return to Normal Life and you know? I do love my Normal Life. The everyday stuff--work and creativity and the friendship Tom and I share. I mean, next month we will have been married 30 years(!) but still there's no one else I'd rather pal around with... With anyone else I run out of things to talk about. Not so while I'm with Tom.

Speaking of anniversaries, there'll be no gifts for each other next month. No, weeks ago we agreed that just buying this little farm is gift aplenty, rather like an enormous present which keeps on giving. Each day there are new suprises out here--most of which are good. Now, if we can just learn to deal with all these new stresses and view them, instead, as challenges which will make us better people in a better house upon better land, well, we'll be set! :)

I walk into our downstairs bedroom now and instantly think of my mom. She's used Charlie cologne faithfully for over 30 years and now the walls resonate with it... makes me miss her...

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debi said...

I just love reading about you life these days and seeing all the beautiful makes me wish I lived where there's a *real* fall! Your home is so lovely, Debra...every detail perfectly planned :) TFS