Sunday, October 05, 2008

So Far, So Good

So here's the new garage so far. The crew will return tomorrow to finish the next phase, including the windows, above, windows which were given to us by friends. Then we'll have another group come and lay forms and place crusher stone inside the new construction and around the front of the barn, perhaps along the side you see--Tom changes his mind a lot (and we run out of money a lot, too) so plans change and it's hard to keep up.

Then that will be the end of the big projects for this year. It's one of those "know when to say when" kind of things. If you don't, you get into trouble financially and just about every other way as well.

Oh, how important it is to learn to listen to the voice of Wisdom! I can see why Proverbs says to pray for it most of all. Because well, (she says with a smile), if you don't have wisdom, you might not be around long enough to pray for the other stuff... You know, like love for others and patience with people, projects and dreams just around the bend.

Wisdom... so unworldly, so welcome. :)


Saija said...

i love the "wing look" ... your barn has taken flight with new owners! :o)

you guys have done so much ... i bet the old owners would be floored to see how their property has been loved up!

and re your mom missing fox news ... tell her that i think their coverage is the least biased one too ... there is such a huge slant in cnn ... they are absolutely like the leaning tower of pizza ...

blessings on your sunday!

Pat said...

Oh, would my husband love that barn (and so would I)! It already looks wonderful.
Yes, wisdom is important, even Job asked about where to seek wisdom and how he would know when he obtained it. Without it, all our busyness is for nothing!
Enjoy your new/old barn!