Saturday, October 04, 2008

In the summer issue of Mary Janes Farm I saw a fire pit thingy with a silver bowl/disc on the bottom and a tripod with a chain and cast iron bowl hanging from the center.
Passionate love at first sight.
Well. Tom checked out some prices of those online and they were a bit more than I'd hoped they were (isn't everything?). But alas, three weeks ago at a yard sale (but of course...) we found the above tripod, chain and bowl. Tom talked them down to $6 from $7. heh.
But what another delightful surprise. Something so obvious, so flagrantly obvious from--I believe--God, Himself, caring for my needs and even my appropriate, pleasing-to-Him wants.
Is He good, or what?

I hope to make soup out there next week.

P.S. My 70-year-old mom has become a political news junkie. Who knew?
She was disappointed that our cable does not include the Fox News Channel (being a rabid fan of Fox News), but she's recovering. Of course, she watched the entire vice-presidential debate the other night. Me? I went to bed. Three minutes of highlights the next morning were plenty.


Kristi in the Western Reserve said...

Looks good for making Hungarian Gulyas Leves(Gulash) to me.

Did you know the Ohio apple harvest this year is the largest in recorded history? I guess the same conditions have been making the apples prolific in western NY, too...........


Nancy said...

It's a little hard to see, through the leaves, but I love that view of your house.
Nice purchase on the cast iron pot and tripod.
I'm also a Fox News junkie. You get a much more balanced view of the news on Fox.

Brenda@CoffeeTeaBooks said...

I, too, am a Fox News junkie except I'm tired of the election arguing. I was thrilled when they started Fox Business News. It has been fascinating to watch these past couple of weeks (fascinating and a bit scary!).

When I find things like that at garage sales or Goodwill, it truly is like a hug from God. I mean, really, how many times have you seen something like that at a garage sale? It had to be God!

diane said...

Hi Debra, how cool is that. Not a very likely find, and yet you found it. Incredible how these things can fall right into someones lap. You must leave us a picture of your first cooking experience. And I am a bit of a political junkie myself,although my source is coming strickly from digital box programming, I couldn't stand the garbage available from my local cable company. God is good!

Anonymous said...

Like Nancy, I only watch Fox News....for the reasons she stated and more.

This bashing is really out of hand but it won't stop even after the election. These 24/7 news programs have to have something to say ....continuously.

Kristi. I'm also a gulyas maker as well as leves. Made husleves yesterday. I still use some of the old family recipes, but not so many anymore. I've stopped due to the excessive work involved...especially Kifli and strudel. Still make chicken paprikas and kaposzta and kolbasz.