Saturday, October 25, 2008

If you knock at our back door today I will not open it for you.

I am pretending I'm not home, heck, I'm pretending I'm not even inside this body of mine because, since yesterday, I've felt a cold coming on. I'm highly contagious (I feel) and I'm wearing no make-up (which would scare you, trust me). I keep telling myself that if I lie real still, maybe all the germs will think I am dead. Maybe they will just up and fly away if I totally, totally rest.

So far it's working. Gallons of hot lemon juice have made my throat stop hurting and now I'm just tired even though I've slept through half of two movies, You've Got Mail and Harvey. I rearranged my room upstairs last night (slowly, though yes, I should have been resting), and brought in my craft table so I could hibernate up there this winter. And after Tom left for work I plugged in a tiny heater in there but uh-oh! It blew the main fuse of the house...arghh... so I had to walk down our scary stairs in pitch-black darkness--an adventure, especially since Lennon the Cat laid across one step--then down to the basement (fortunately on a different fuse so there was light)..... and threw the circuit, but still it didn't restore the rest of the house. But alas, my old-fashioned phone still worked so I called Tom at his job and together we figured out that another tiny fuse had blown, too..... blah, blah, blah... so back down to the basement I went and light was restored.

Then I crawled back into bed and have pretty much been there ever since on this dark rainy Saturday. And again, I don't feel too bad at all, but still I will take this day off, though oh! The plans I had made for creating order around this house. But I remind myself (again and again) there is no contest going to organize and decorate my house--no time crunch--no prize if I finish 'on time.'. No, I'll spend this day in bed with old movies and books and hot drinks and no make-up. So it will be useless to knock at our door--for if you saw me--you'd think Halloween had come early and caught you unprepared.


Kristi in the Western Reserve said...

Oh, Debra, I'm sorry you are so under the weather, but I'm sure you are doing the right things to take care of yourself. Sometimes after a time of more than usual effort, when it lets up a little, that's when we get sick. I've had this happen to me often. So just have a quiet quiet day of rest - and tomorrow, too....

Kristi in Ohio

Anonymous said...

Ya, you rest up Debra so you get better and just enjoy your time of quiet. Sounds kinda nice to me except for the being sick part.:)
Take care!

Lisa in Texas = ) said...

I hope you get to feeling better soon.
Take it easy,

Lisa in Texas = )

Patty H. said...

Take care of yourself. I've been drinking Twinings "Refresh"-its' a lemon/ginger tea, feels so good to a sore throat.
Patty H

Anonymous said...

'If you knock at our back door
I will not open it for you.
I am pretending I'm not home, heck,
I'm pretending I'm not even inside this body of mine.'

I had to come back to tell you that what you wrote sounds like it could be a song or somethin'. Kinda cool.;)

nancyr said...

Hope you feel better soon. Staying in bed on a cold rainy day sounds like a great plan. The cold, not so much!

Saija said...

i'd give you a hug, but your contagious - so get better soon!

Judy said...

Rest and be restored, my friend!