Monday, October 27, 2008

Third day in bed and all is not well. Debra's not well, that is.

Sigh. Not that there's ever a peachy time to have a cold, but this is one bad time. After my mom left I took two days off to regroup, relax, rethink and just about every other "re" word, then just as I'd determined to organize my entire life around here-- ZAP! Here came this annoying cold.

The past four weeks I've been inundated with tests. Tests, tests, tests. You know, little things going wrong and my not feeling a heck of a lot of Grace to deal with them... which makes me tense... which makes all these tests feel much worse than they really are.

Perhaps (I'm thinking) God is reminding me that I need to live on His time schedule, not mine. I need to ask that my way of doing and being be more like Heaven's, you know, slower, calmer and with not a smidgen of impatience.

Rather like I imagine (from movies and books) Southern Belles and their leisurely way of going about their days--with Grace and composure and a huge appreciation for the small things. And gratitude. At a pace all their own, one born of believing everything will be just fine and wonderful--even if not every item on their To Do List gets crossed off... because Tomorrow is another day (can't you just hear Scarlett saying that?).

I've lived like that before, but seldom since we moved here to this all-new-to-me farm. So in a hundred areas God is (again) slowing me down, for even I know that the less tense I am--the less I rely upon my own itinerary--the less I'll even notice interruptions. For, how do I even know an interruption is one if I'm following Someone Else's itinerary? Who knows? Maybe what I believe to be a blip in the road is actually a rest stop where, all along, I was meant to discover a whole new way of being... so that the journey's remainder will be more calming, more enjoyable and better understood.

And on that note, I'll take my soggy head upstairs, turn on Road to Avonlea and bury my tired body in blankets.

P.S. But on a lighter note, here's a fun place my mom and I visited two weeks ago. I got lots of ideas there for our own little farm.


Emma said...

Too bad i couldn't bring you some homemade chicken soup!

DO DO get better soon.

gentle hugs

David Warren Fisher said...


Hope you're feeling better soon. I'm not doing very well myself. I've had several health issues in recent weeks including some heart problems. Those, coupled with a deep bout of depression, are seeking to defeat me.

I'd value your prayers as I work through these issues. God is faithful and I'm seeking to trust Him.

Thanks for letting me vent. Get better, my friend.


Patty H. said...

Yes, God does have a way of slowing us down. Get plenty of rest and rest in His promises.

Robin in New Jersey said...

Sorry you are not well Debra. I was sick for over 2 weeks with nasty cold. Then my daughter got it and she was coughing for 2 weeks.

Get some rest.