Friday, October 31, 2008

Lennon loves our new little bird watching table at the window, too.

I'm still recovering from my cold (so please have mercy with me and this sorry post), but at least I made it over to the supermarket early yesterday morning. Not the supermarket here in town--nooOOOoooo-- for we don't have one. We did have a tiny ancient market when we first moved here in June, but in August they closed for--cough, cough--six weeks (they said) while their new building across the street could be finished. They emptied all their shelves and disappeared.

Well, that was at least nine weeks ago (ten? eleven?).

And at first, that also meant that our one and only gas pump in town became non-usable since they'd also operated that. But a couple weeks later (and probably a million complaints later since we were out here in Boonieville with no groceries and no gas) a different group of people took over the little store and the gas pump. Except about the only groceries they have are snacks, sodas, bread, and coffee (stuff we're told America runs on). But at least we've been able to buy gas here in town in a pinch. (And technically, our one and only major chain store, Rite-Aid, does carry a few groceries. Bad-for-you ones mostly. At we-can-rob-you-freely-because-we're-all-you've-got,Sucker prices.

Sometimes it's so hard not to complain. And I'm afraid I've been doing a whole lot of complaining lately around here. Drats. (Those eternally-moaning Israelites of the Old Testament have been heavy on my mind... and the consequences of their whining.)

And I'm still waitin' for that Simple Country Life to start kickin' in. :)


... Paige said...

I think the country life is there. The “simple” thing is you have to be sure to get everything you need or might need from the city store before you go home. lol
I don’t think I could live in a small place. I like knowing that I can be somewhere in 15 to 20 minutes by car. Now if I had to walk it that would be a horse of a different color.

Jan said...

Oh my goodness, Debra, the simple country life isn't really simple. Its just different!
You learn to make do and plan ahead. Twenty two year here in rural Maine with the nearest grocery store some 20 minutes away ( a small one) I jave come to appreciate the quietness and less hurried way of life. Relax. Enjoy.

Joy and Phil said...

First, I will tell you I have been a "lurker" for several months now and have moved your link to the top of my list. I enjoy your style, your humor, your real and realistic take on life, but most of all I enjoy your honesty. Thank you for staying true to yourself--keep on writing and I'll keep on "lurking" (although now I guess I have been outed!)