Tuesday, October 21, 2008

So my mom will be flying away tomorrow after her three-week visit here. The days flew!

(Pay no attention to that short little chubby girl on the left.) :)

Well, mostly the days flew.

After three weeks I've relearned (and relearned) that I've become a huge Happy Loner. No, really. If I don't get my eight hours, or so, alone each day, well, I morph into a cranky, biting hen. And if I can't wander and work out on our acres unwatched, well, heaven help you if you tell me you've been watching and here's how I can do what I'm doing better/faster/smarter. (I'm serious. One of my tiny quirks. heh)

But I like that I savor my aloneness. Surely it helps the fashion-myself-somewhat-of-a-writer part of me, for I've known writers who hate their calling for all their hours alone with their thoughts and pens or computers.

I never have to dread the days Tom will be away. I don't fear silent, snowy winters (other than driving in the snow which I'll always hate probably) and if I don't hear from friends, well, that's ok, too--I realize they are busy and not avoiding me purposely--and I can wait with patience for their notes or visits (whereas it used to kill me when friends were preoccupied because friendship was my all-in-all everything. Find that story here).

Besides, there is a Friend who sticks closer than a brother and He's the one whose presence is always cloaked around me, whether I'm outside with my wheelbarrow, upstairs with a paintbrush or here at our computer. And His presence is enough--more than-- for that's exactly where fullness of joy resides, even in the type of aloneness where you appear by yourself, but Heaven knows--and sees--that you're surrounded by all you really need.


Yes, the top photo was taken at our old house in town. But I found it this morning and loved the colors so I added it here. Again. :)

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