Saturday, March 04, 2006

That Careless Word Thing

"But I tell you that men will have to give account on the day of judgment for every careless word they have spoken." Matthew 12:36

Some Bible verses downright holy scare me. That verse is one of them.

When I stand before God someday, I already know what I will say and do when it comes time for this "careless word" part.

I will not say things like these... (trust me):

"I couldn't help it."
"Well, if Tom wouldn't have made me mad, then I wouldn't have yelled at him like that."
"I was just kidding."
"Well, if there weren't so many stupid, maniac drivers out on the road I wouldn't have used those names!"
"Hey, it was just my opinion."
"I was brought-up to say those things."
"Making promises and keeping them? Was that in the Bible?"
"I wasn't judging. I was telling it like it was."
"But she deserved it."
"Gossip? Who, me?"
"But they said it first! And sheesh... I had to defend myself, didn't I?"
"How was I to know I shouldn't have said that?"
"I didn't think you were serious about that "every careless word" stuff.

Uh, no.

Instead, I will fall on my face, flat, before Him.
And I will say (if I am even able to use my voice):

"You are right."
"I should never have said those things."
"You are right."
"I am sorry."
"You are right."

And in the meantime, I find myself becoming more quiet. Already often telling God, "You are right." Biting my tongue. Already making fewer (useless) excuses. And letting God change my heart so that cruel and careless words come less to my mind in the first place.

Because, already, my Careless Word List is miles and miles long. And that's enough to holy scare me into changing.

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