Thursday, March 02, 2006

re: Pat Robertson And Others

I don't know.

Maybe it's because my comment boxes lately have been, well, dead. Maybe I'm ready for comment fireworks, or at least willing to face their possibility.

But I'm going to write something controversial here.

You will never, in this blog, read any caustic remarks about Pat Robertson. You will never hear me make negative reports about other various tv evangelists, either.

No. And here is why I'll not speak ill of Pat Robertson: his program, The 700 Club, daily, brings hundreds, if not thousands of people to Jesus Christ. And daily The 700 Club shares stories of healings and miracles and hands-out hope to whole masses of people who have absolutely lost theirs.

I don't do that. And even if I did, still, I wouldn't have the right to criticize a group who I may not agree with 100%, but who is doing so much to help so many.

And here's the scariest part: if I were to blast Pat Robertson in this blog, then the possibility is very great that perhaps two or ten or twenty people may decide that The 700 Club was not worth their time, and therefore, never tune-in.... never watch when, perhaps, just perhaps, God had a special episode just for them. Perhaps an invitation to come to know Jesus, a challenge to work on their marriage, or the courage to live another day, instead of taking their own life. All invitations that those two or ten or twenty people might have accepted, had it not been for my blasting of Pat Robertson and what he stands for.

I will not risk that. I will not stand before God someday and try to explain my way out of that one.

God uses all sorts of imperfect people, churches and ministries to accomplish His perfect purposes. Heck, we are, each of us, imperfect. And I refuse to be guilty of steering people away from the help, the hope, the freedom they so needed, and would have found, if not for my know-it-all, judgmental attitude.

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