Saturday, March 04, 2006

Major Potpourri-age

I forgot to mention this week that I'd also been saddened by the death of the actor, Dennis Weaver. Actually, Dennis was in one of my top-ten all-time favorite movies, one called Duel. Have you seen it? Duel is one of those perfect examples of a movie which I can't explain just exactly why I love it--I just plain do. It's a great suspense flick which I get cravings to watch sometimes (weird, I know). Tom and I also liked Dennis' tv series, McCloud, the reruns, that is, back when we were newlyweds (yes, tv was invented back then....heh...), but Duel tops it. A real classic and the first major movie for director, Stephen Spielberg.

(For more of my all-time favorite movies, check out my complete profile.)

Oh, and did you see Carrie Underwood sing Jesus, Take The Wheel this week on American Idol? My, oh my... Tom and I were blessed to tears. Always, I am on the look-out for the instances the name of Jesus is proclaimed to millions of people in unconventional (read:non-churchy) ways. Months later, I am still getting hits because I posted about Faith Hill singing I Surrender all on Oprah. Never before have I gotten so many hits concerning the content of a post--what a good thing. What a blessing that so many people searched the net for Faith Hill's song from that day.

Tom and I watched the movie, The Gospel, this morning and we loved it. We highly recommend it, though if you are of the there's-only-one-way-to-worship-and-have-church persuasion, you'll probably want to pass this one by. But again, Tom and I enjoyed this movie, along with its tons of terrific gospel music throughout.

And just one more movie recommendation... A few weeks ago Tom and I watched Mobsters and Mormons--funny, funny movie. I've mentioned Mormon movies here before--we've thoroughly enjoyed each and every one we've viewed this past year. Great family entertainment, not just for Mormons, by any means. We've laughed till we cried during 3 or 4 of them. (Note: again, Tom and I are easily-amused, so that might tell you something.) :)

Speaking of singing, if you would like to see one of the cutest things on Earth, check this out at Lauren's Created For His Glory blog. (Scroll down to the adorable little Asian girl and click on her picture.) Oh my.... Exponential cute factor going on there!

Just catching up on a few observations... I hope you are having a great weekend!

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