Friday, March 10, 2006

But When It Comes to Books....

My last post, the one about letting go by T.D. Jakes, reminded me that all those words apply to my things, too--my stuff and junk and belongings--and my books. Oh dear, my books... Wow, to let go of my books is to experience a form of mental torture. And yet I regularly purge some of the books from my shelves yearly anyway. Why? Because:

1.) Hundreds of books take up a whole lot of shelf (and room) space,
2.) It's good discipline to release what you love,
3.) Just how many books does one person really need?
4.) Some people have never read even once the books I have reread 4 or more times so it's a good thing to pass books along to others by way of thrift shops and gifts to friends, and
5.) Books become a part of who we are and by giving books away, we don't lose that new part of ourselves. Rather, we still walk in what we have learned and we free the book to become a part of other people.

And well, I'm still learning that just because I own something like dishes or furniture or gifts of trinkets from friends today, it does not mean I must hold onto all that stuff until I drop dead. Our possessions, both given to us and bought by us, perform a service and then really, honest, it's ok to let them go once that service has been provided. Different things come to us during different seasons of our lives and often the test is not if we can forever hold onto them, but rather, can we release them to bless others if God nudges us to do so?

Again, I am still learning all that, which means, I am still learning that "this world is not my home, I'm just 'a passing through..."

It's one thing to sing mighty hymns in a church pew--it's quite another to drive back home and spend hours discovering the words are actually true.

Imagine that.

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