Friday, March 03, 2006

As Long As The Son Shines

I can't remember ever living through such a sunny winter as this one. Usually we have months of dark afternoons and tons of deep, wet snow, even in April, and only occasional peeks of sun from behind clouds as curtains. Not this year. Not this Winter.

This Winter we have had Sun.

Oh, the temperatures have been cold, highs in the teens and twenties, but when the sun gleams upon my back while I am shoveling snow in the driveway I think, surely, it must be 30 degrees out here, when in reality, it is only 10.

When it was only early February and sunlight pulsated through my windows, I thought, "This is like Spring in deadest Winter. I can handle this."

When I walked outside over ice to my mailbox and stuffed bills inside, I saw all the sunlight and then smelled the tiniest wisps of Spring float by. In deepest Winter, that is called Hope and it was there for everyone who paused long enough to smell it and see it.

The sun makes all the difference.

Since December we have had snow, then sun to melt it from sidewalks. Winds, then sun. Freezing, bone-chilling nights, then sun. Sun, then some more sun.

As long as the sun shines, Winter is a breeze.

And as long as the Son shines within me, any day is one to anticipate. Any day has potential for hope and joy and smiles and contentment and surprises.

But only when I pause long enough to know it... when I gage my days according to how good Jesus is, not upon the fickleness of anything or anyone else... only when I stare at the Son no matter what else is swirling all around me.

As long as the Son shines, I will be ok. As long as the Son shines, I will always have the promise of Spring... and the promise of Heaven.

The Son does make all the difference in the world, but only when He stops being just a theory, a name, a book, a word, a legend, a thought, a song, a story, a doubt... but Real, instead.

And as long as the Son shines, there will always be bits of Spring, even in deepest, darkest Winter. Always.

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