Tuesday, March 07, 2006

Home, Sweet, Wanna-Be-There Home

After visiting Homeliving Helper this morning, I had to smile my Pity Smile. Again. After being a happy homemaker for 27 years, I've been asked nearly all the questions Cinderella and her commenters had been asked.

You know, real dandy, polite inquiries like, "As a housewife, don't you get bored just sitting around the house all day? Don't you feel trapped? What do you do without a car? Wouldn't you rather have a real job? How can you afford to stay home?"

All these years later I've reached a conclusion: some people just have no imagination.

Some people would never imagine that I, a mid-life homemaker, have the best job on Earth. Especially at this phase of my life.

Hey, I can read books or magazines or recipes whenever I want... Sit in my backyard with coffee or go online whenever I want... Clean the house at my convenience... Work-out, take a walk, watch tv, paint walls, eat a snack or drink lemonade on the front porch whenever I want (and preen in the sun like a Cheshire cat).

Trapped inside my house? You've got to be kidding! I can open a book and go anywhere in the world. I can turn on my radio or tv and visit other countries and cultures with my eyes and my imagination. I can even travel back in time by watching my black-and-white tv series dvd's (and be inspired to keep my house nicely the way June Cleaver did).

I can go online and talk with people from across the United States or across the world. I can write in this blog and immediately, fine people from the world-over will read what I wrote. I can join email groups with people who love all the same things I do and discuss our hobbies, our families, and share pictures.

I can learn new skills, ones like decorating, gardening, knitting, saving money or read-up on history or health and wellness.

And on days when I feel like going out and about, I can take my husband to work in the mornings and have the car for the next shining 12 hours, and go anywhere and do anything (well, within reason and within a 30 mile radius). I can drive to the town library and spend hours browsing and reading and dreaming or I can have coffee at any of our local supermarkets while sitting at a bistro table with a magazine. Afterward, I can pick-up lunch at a drive-through window and then drive over to the park and sit beside the river with my lunch and a good book. I can even go treasure hunting at second-hand shops, have my hair done or visit with a friend either in her home or at a coffee shop.

Trapped at home, indeed! People spend years and years and thousands of dollars trying to find their dream home, and when they do find it, well, I simply cannot imagine feeling trapped inside the dream home for which you've nearly sweated blood.

Never has it ever been what you do for a living which makes you free. It's always been who you are, Who you know (Jesus), and how you look at what you do--that's what makes you free.

And I can't help but give a Pity Smile to those who don't have the imagination to realize that.

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