Monday, May 02, 2005

Playing Tag (And All That Good Stuff)

Tina and I have been playing online Scrabble for months now and awhile ago here at my blog she tagged me to play this game which is sweeping Blogland. Well, I was going to tell her this week that I just don't have the imagination to play along on this one (really, I don't... I am not nearly as creative as the rest of you)... but then today, Me at The Flying Pig tagged me, too.

So what's a girl like me to do? She tweaks the game a bit to fit her lack of imagination...

So if I had the freedom to be a

scientist, farmer
musician, doctor
painter, gardener
missionary, chef
architect, linguist
psychologist, librarian
athlete, lawyer
inn-keeper, professor
writer, llama-rider
bonnie pirate, astronaut
world famous blogger…
justice on any one court in the world…
or be married to any current famous political figure…...

... I would choose to just be plain ol' me.

I mean, I can't even imagine having any of those careers (I told you I have no real imagination). I am just so in love with my life right now just as it is.

No, really!

Oh, of course, I'd like to change some annoying things about myself--but only God can do that--and He will, but only as I'm faithful to cooperate with Him and His timing.

And then, Life is about so much more than careers and titles... It's more about balance--even if I was a world-famous writer, I'd still be responsible for caring for my husband and my house and my pets and my garden and my body and my stuff... and for becoming closer to Jesus so that I can become more like Him-- and so that I can represent Him better to a world who has no idea what He's really like.

Oh, I know I am so not playing this game right! But really, I can't even imagine slipping into a career which God had not intended for me to have. He has made me the happiest homemaker on Earth, and in this moment with the rain and wind outside my window... and my new little room all warm and pink.... and two cats upon my bed... and my books on old shelves tucked beneath the eaves... and my Blogland friends nearby... well, I wouldn't change a thing.

But I do thank you ladies for asking...

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