Monday, May 09, 2005

My Number One Pet Peeve

Every once in awhile Pollyanna has to spill her guts.  シ

I'll share with you only my Number One Pet Peeve.

Here it is-- I hate it when people who are called to change something in this world, instead, just complain about what needs to be changed. 

They go around telling all who will listen how upset they are about the terrible problem of ______. How it is unfair and wrong and sad that ________ exists. They even cry tears over _______and appear to be quite passionate about__________.

And yet, all they every do is complain (and complain) about _______.

But what super bugs me, is when these same people start complaining that the rest of us are doing nothing about _______. That no one nowadays cares about _______ and how it irks him/her to no end that everyone else is so passive about _______.

So why does that bother me? It's because if a person really cares about _______, he/she will do something about it.

And when a person is fulfilling their calling in life, there is a peace about them, a grace, while they go about doing what God has called them to do, busy with good, changing things:

They do what needs to be done, whether anyone else is doing anything or not.
They're hope-filled, peaceful people because they believe God is using them to fulfill a very real need.
They know and believe something is being accomplished, even if they can't see it on the outside yet--their obedience rewards them with hope on the inside. 
And because of this hope, they aren't criticizing others who are called to different areas. They realize we all have different callings and passions--otherwise only one area of need would be met upon this Earth.

They see God as their greatest helper, obey Him one day at a time, nearly never become overwhelmed. God never gives them more than they can take care of--He has too much wisdom for that.

They walk by faith, not by sight and their faith brings great rewards. And because of all this, a difference has been made in the lives of people involved in ________.

Well, anyway, that is my Number One Pet Peeve. And you can be sure God convicts me like crazy when I find myself taking part in it.


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