Friday, May 13, 2005

It's A 1940's Day Around Here

Tom is at work and I am here alone-but-not-really-alone while one of my 1940's Big Band era records is playing.

And you know? Last night I crisply ironed all my old aprons and put them into a drawer I'd emptied during these weeks of tossing things I no longer love. I have a few empty drawers now, actually--that should be classified as a modern-day miracle, right?

I feel like I'm exactly where I belong.

Years ago I used to be a Big-Time Complainer. You know, one of those people who complained that Life today is not what it used to be and today's people aren't what they once were, either, especially concerning this homemaking thing and the lousy attitudes which the media shouts about. I complained about today's tv shows, music, vocabulary and hair styles. 

I complained about others' bad attitudes while having a bad attitude of my own(!)

But somewhere along the way I learned that complaining gets you nothing except headaches and discontent which leave big crevices etched into your forehead.

Instead, we must decide to make our life what we want it to be. That is, while cooperating with God, not working against Him. Not working 'against the grain' of His map for us.

So I began collecting old floral and gingham aprons for me to wear instead of just complaining that no one wears aprons anymore. And I bought old record albums of the kinds of music I like, rather than complain about the kind of music 'out there'. I gathered old books and magazines which give honor to homemaking, friendship and taking time-out to love and examine the simple things. And I found old tv shows on DVD to compliment those ideals, too.

I even searched for and gathered some friends, like flowers, who enjoy the old-fashioned ways, instead of cramming my days with those who do not.

It's taken time, but years later, I'm living a custom-made life.

All worthwhile things take time--if only we wouldn't get so darn impatient, and instead, simply enjoy the building of an idea as much as the idea, itself.

But I had to stop complaining and meditating upon the negative. I had to knock-off the I'm-Helpless-Whining and the pity parties, for those things only whisked me further from the life I truly wanted. 

I discovered God helped me carve this good life when I sought His help with a glad heart.

Gotta run. Glenn Miller's music will need to be turned over to the album's other side and I still need to slip on one of those crisp aprons so I'll have something to protect my skirt while I clean and dance around the house today. In joy.


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