Sunday, December 31, 2017

Uh-Oh. So Did She, Like, Lie To Us?

"So I always take pains to have a clear conscience toward both God and man."   ... Acts 24:16


Remember my firm "I'm as techno as I want to go" post? Well, er, some might say ol' Debra lied when they discover she now uses an iPad(!)

Of course, I have my excuses. 

See, Naomi, for Christmas, gave us her iPad which she no longer uses. Total surprise--honest! And though I was tempted to gulp, "But I told my blog peeps that I'm already as techno as I want to go!," I, of course, said only, "Wow! Thank-you, Sweetie. Can I use it like a Kindle?"  😉

Then later, I had to laugh when Naomi showed me how to use the iPad rather like this--

(Naomi) -- "Oh, it's so easy to use! You'll get it in no time."
(Me, inside my head) --  Riiiiiight.

(Naomi) -- "You just push this button,
then swipe the screen like this,
then enter these numbers,
then swipe,
then tap twice,
then go here,
type this, 
then click-click,
then swipe, tap, tap, 
then go here, click, swipe, tap, tap, tap, click, click, swipe, and you're good to go!"

Oh dear. My head swirled and I had to sit down. heh.

Two days later alone on the red couch, I sat for 20 minutes with the iPad, just trying to access the Kindle Reader Naomi had linked-to for me. No go.

That's when I put the iPad away, lest I sling it through the window.

Yet an hour passed so I tried again and oh! For the first time, ever, I read a Kindle book out at our sun-gleaming dining room table rather than here inside this dark, shadowy office. Wow. Remarkable.

And so far, this is as techno as I've gotten on this newfangled contraption. 

Why? Because I know myself. I must go slow and make repetitions--and that's ok. The older I become the more I realize Life is not for competing nor comparing, but rather, for learning and then doing all God created me to do. That way--when I leave--I'll have painted this planet a bit brighter, uniquely so, in my own way and timing through Him.

And I'm thinking that's what He wants--and it's enough.

(And now we're clear, right? Debra's more techno than she'd previously believed she wanted to go.)  😉

"Before I formed you in the womb I knew you, before you were born I set you apart..."   ... Jeremiah 1:5

"There are different ways to serve the same Lord, and we can each do different things. Yet the same God works in all of us and helps us in everything we do."   ... 1 Corinthians 12:5


Awww... the actress, Rose Marie, passed away. I'd love to someday watch her new film about her life and I wish I'd have known she was active on Twitter. She truly was wonderful as Sally Rodgers on The Dick van Dyke Show.


Wednesday, December 27, 2017

On A Cold (But Sunny) December Afternoon

Brrrr!  And Merry Two Days After Christmas to you.

I'm thinking of all my Readers, but then, aren't I always? Hopefully your Christmas was the type you prefer-- crowded or quiet, hectic or relaxed. I enjoyed fun times at Facebook, cooked dinner for Tom and myself, then Naomi and Justin joined us here and oh, what a sweet time. And just right.

And now? Now I'm reeling and celebrating Normal. Blessed, blessed-- Normal how I do love you.

"Yet true godliness with contentment is itself great wealth."   ... 1 Timothy 6:6


Usually I send for a free calendar (for our refrigerator, using just the plain grid pages) from either Betty Crocker or Pillsbury, yet this year? Let's just say it didn't work out (long, dull stories).

But hooray! Today I discovered that dear ol' Joyce Meyer is again offering free calendars so I rushed over there and signed-up.

Anyone else in this same boat? Here's the link, and do hurry before they're gone, ok?

Oh, and yes. I do realize you can print calendars galore free, but--lest you've forgotten--my own personal printer is, well, evil. It sits here beside me and I try not to snarl at it.  😳


And wow. Tom tried  something new for Christmas--he consulted my Amazon Wish List (such a novel idea!)  and my, my, my. All but one of these are from him ---

I'm so enjoying the Dark Windows one. Mary C. Jane was my best discovery in 2016 and I wish I'd found her earlier, but hey. I'm learning that--as the Bible states--there truly is a time for everything, so who am I to question the things which seem to appear late?

There's a reason for everything and the refreshing thing? I needn't always know just what it is.


Tried something new this year. Placed our Christmas cards amongst our kitchen pictures. I'm liking it.

(And a huge thanks to all who mailed cards to us!)


And one last thing... Most people need fewer projects, but ol' Debra? She needs more. So guess what I found this morning? The Mixbook Photo Company.

For years I've meant to create a book using my photos, so that's what I'm doing--making a photo book about our years at Hobbit Cottage. And wow, so far, it's extremely easy. (If I can do it, you certainly can, too.). They have special first-time offers and it's also Ebates friendly.

I'll let you know if I actually complete this project or if it joins the Stuff I Began But Then Forgot or Lost Interest In list. Stay tuned!


Sunday, December 24, 2017

At Christmastime

Just dropping by my blog this morning to wish all my special readers a wonderful day before Christmas.

May Jesus keep your hearts calm, gratitude-stuffed and always able to decipher what matters--and what does not. And may you feel especially close to all those you love, both here and those so very far away.

Thinking of each of you and grateful for all who read here so faithfully.



And here's a treat for you :  Christmas Songs from The 40's, 50's and 60's.  (Hold onto your hat! These tunes will whisk you away to your childhood.)



Thursday, December 21, 2017

Where She Finally Got To The Coffee Shop

(This isn't my coffee shop, but mine is designed much the same, though in an old building. A sign inside says the capacity is 18 people.)  😏


Oh! Guess who finally made it over to the new coffee shop?!

Eegads. All that waiting since September, all that resting of my plantar fasciitis'd foot.

Then s-l-o-w-l-y my foot improved, so I made coffee shop plans, only to awaken to ack! Snowy, slick, icy streets and sidewalks.


Then the snow melted (yay!), but sheesh. The temperature dropped to 15 degrees and--personally--I don't take walks unless it's at least 25.

Then my foot hurt in a different way.

Then more ice and snow. Sigh. Then hooray! Perfectly dry sidewalks, but it was Tuesday

The coffee shop is closed on Tuesdays. And Wednesdays.

Weird. So very weird. Almost like The Universe tried barring me permanently from the coffee shop, the one I'd actually prayed to appear in my neighborhood. A shop whose owners I wished to encourage, simply by spending money and time there.

This reminded me of something:

We need to recognize when it's us against what God wants for us --or-- when it's our faithfulness being tested. Will we be sensitive enough, through Grace, to know the difference?

Anyway, my cappuccino tasted great as did my chocolate chip muffin and how pleasant to sit warmly facing the large window at an old Formica-top table, listening to Bing Crosby Christmas songs while reading my delightful current book, perfect for such a time as this --

And well, these may be such simple things, but in Debra's World, they're huge. And trust me, I'm determined that--when I reach Heaven--I'll have done my best to grasp closely, and appreciate, every single blessing God ever dropped down to me here.

"Every good gift and every perfect gift is from above, coming down from the Father..."  James 1:17   (And, to me, that makes all gifts a large deal.)

How good to learn the difference between forcing a door open and waiting for God to open it--or to direct you to a different door.



Remember the photo reprints I ordered (with ease) from Wow! They arrived quickly and were (surprisingly) most beautifully done. Remarkable quality for so cheap.

I ordered more yesterday.


Oh! And if you're at Facebook--are you aware of the Messenger page link on the left-hand side of your home page? (I've helped a few friends find this, actually.) It takes you to a collection of all your private conversations and is a place where it's much easier (for me, anyway) to write messages as well as read them.

Just wanted to mention this--often people are surprised at how many messages they missed by not checking-out this page. (Again, the link is on the left-hand side of your home page, at least it should be, on a regular PC or laptop.)


Tuesday, December 19, 2017

December This and That, Part Deux

Oh taste and see that the Lord is good. Oh, the joys of those who take refuge in him!"   ... Psalm 34:8


1.) Remember Tractor Al from our years on the farm? Well, his (and Shannon's) daughter was married last weekend and here's my favorite photo from those shared at Facebook --

The beautiful bride served communion to her great-grandmother. (Is that the sweetest thing, or what?)

2.)  Did you check out the latest TCM Remembers? I thought it especially beautiful this year. Here you go.

3.)  As I stated at Facebook, remember this! --

... it will clear up much confusion in this 2017 world of ours.

4.)  Oh! My good buddy, Dolores, gave me a blog link which those of you with homemakers' hearts will LOVE. Check it out here.

5.)  Yes! Many times I've discovered this to be true --

6.)  My friend, Anne's, mantle is gorgeous, right? Wow.

7.) And that's about all I've got today, Folks, except that I'll add this, below. It's been my goal for eons, but unfortunately, it's still way too hit and miss with me. 

But hey! I'll never stop believing for changes only God can complete--


Monday, December 18, 2017

Leave Your Strife At The Door, Please

"Have nothing to do with foolish, ignorant controversies; you know that they breed quarrels. And the Lord's servant must not be quarrelsome but kind to everyone, able to teach, patiently enduring evil, correcting his opponents with gentleness. God may perhaps grant them repentance leading to a knowledge of the truth..."   ... 2 Timothy 2:23-25


Ack! A friend said she's exhausted by loud bad people and silent good folks. She's angry(she admits, politics-wise)--and wishes we all were, too.

Oh dear. During my quiet times with God, I've never heard Him say, "Be angry, Debra. Be very angry."   😉

No, rather, sometimes He pokes me with this --

" ... man's anger does not bring about the righteousness that God desires."   ... James 1:20

And whew, that calms me down. 

Let that verse sink in and you return to thinking straight (rather than all pinball-machine-like). And gone is the need to strain to hear God's voice. Then afterward? You can move forward with Grace--and wow, the changes you see in yourself, others and well, many places.

Please don't let anyone yank you onto the Anger Track, ok? 

Instead, let's walk beside God. Let's turn Love into the world-shaping force He created it to be. 

Let's help, not harm. 

And let's wield His Word as the mighty sword that it is. These are the best ways to push back the darkness.

             "Let all that you do be done in love."   ... 1 Corinthians 16:14


"It is an honor for a man to keep aloof from strife, but every fool will be quarreling."   ...  Proverbs 20:3

"Do not make friends with a hot-tempered person, do not associate with one easily angered or you may learn their ways and get yourself ensnared.  ... Proverbs 22:24, 25


"Having an attitude of peace and calm is priceless. It’s an attitude that says, “I’m trusting God,” and it speaks powerfully to people."   ---Joyce Meyer 

Oh wow. Click here, skip the ad, then close your eyes and let the peace slowly seep inside. Then breathe and relax, before moving forward.


Oooo... these Christmas cards arrived last week and I love their red against all the yellow. 

Thank-you so much, Ladies (you know who you are).


Thursday, December 14, 2017

Christmas Gifts for My Readers 2017

Here are some simple gifts just for you during this Christmas season. Hopefully there's something for everyone. Enjoy!


1.) Clara's Depression Era Cooking videos. Clara is an inspiring gift all year long!

2.) Here's a fun Christmassy farmhouse tour for you.

3.) For free printable gift tags go here. You'll find others here.

4.)  Go here to read hundreds of free classic books.

5.)  To read millions(!) of free books, go here.

6.) Enjoy browsing through vintage dress patterns? Click here.

7.)  You'll find awesome nature photography here.

8.) My all-time favorite decrepit-old-house photographer is here.

9.)  To get a free Kindle Cloud Reader for your PC, click here.

10.)  I'm really enjoying my free trial of Hulu--so many great tv series there! Go here to sign up (and if you have Ebates, don't forget to click the button!).

11.)  Interested in reading what was happening the year you were born?  Go here.

12.)  Here you'll find free video teachings from my very favorite 

13.)  For a free issue of Good Old Days Magazine, click here.

14.)  You'll find many free printable charts to help get you organized here.

15.)  And here you'll find 100+ ways to organize your home.

16.)  To listen to hours of vintage Christmas music online, go here. Oh! And my buddy, Ann, just now shared this fun-ness with me: KMart In-Store Music 1974.  (Ahh... memories.)

17.)  For many and varied holiday gift ideas click here.

18.)  Go here for 1,000+ free online courses.

19.)  You'll find lots of free dollhouse printables here.

20.)  To receive daily emails with offers of free Kindle books, go here. (You can customize the book categories you'd like to see.)


And repeat after me:  "This year I refuse to let December make me crazy!" 😏


Oh! And if you ever need images/photos for Facebook/blogging/Twitter, etc., just do a search for any theme/Bible verse/quote you'd like, then add the word 'image' to it. 

That's how I find all the free images I use here and at Facebook.

For example, to find the images I used in today's post, I just did a search for 'vintage Christmas images'. (Go here if you'd like to see the many I couldn't fit here!)


Winter has come to stay awhile here in Buffalo! Time for snuggling up with good books, music, snacks and tv.