Wednesday, May 11, 2005

Burning Bushes Amongst Us

I mentioned in my last post that God sometimes speaks to me through movies.

Actually, I think God can use anything to speak to just about any of us.

The old standbys-- sunsets or sunrises, for instance. Oceans. Midnight skies. Autumn.

But He speaks in smaller ways through smaller things--

The smile of a stranger in the supermarket when we so needed a smile.

The book we'd wanted for 15 years, sitting there, upside-down, on a dusty second-hand bookstore shelf.

The line in a song we heard on another person's radio.

The comfort you knew after tragedy struck.

The walks you take when it looks like you are alone--but you know you are not.

The perfect sentence in a devotional book written hundreds of months ago, but just what you needed to hear today.

The urge to pray when someone far away needed you to pray.

The time you missed being in an accident by seconds.

The blog post with an answer which you stumbled upon on a lonely Sunday afternoon.

The perfectly-timed sermon.

The perfect, no-occasion gift from your spouse.

The way your day fell into place.

The extra key you'd placed inside your purse (or wallet), but had forgotten--and now needed.

The Bible verse which you'd read 4,000 times, and yet it showed you something brand new today.

The thoughts of peace you heard before you fell asleep.

And hundreds more which those who have learned to listen seldom miss.


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