Wednesday, May 11, 2005

Movie Talk

Permit me to go carnal again. シ

No, actually, I'm one of those people who can hear God through movies--well, sometimes, ok?. Anyone else like that out there?

Tom and I watched two more Mormon movies since I mentioned the first two here. The R.M. is fun! When the R.M. (which I am assuming means Returning Missionary) returns home after his two-year mission in Wyoming, he finds nothing as he'd envisioned. Oh my, the scene showing him as a tele-marketer for the 'Filthy Filter" (like the TV Guardian), had me laughing to tears. And like The Home Teachers, this movie also ended with a fine moral lesson without being preachy.

The other movie was, Charly, starring Heather Beers who we loved in Baptists At Our Barbeque. The first part of the film, was a pure delight---great romantic comedy. But then when the film could easily have ended with a tidy "and they lived happily ever after" ending, it continued, totally shifting gears, becoming rather a maudlin drama. Still, we enjoyed it, even though by the end, we felt like emotional wrecks, having laughed, cried, laughed, cried through the entire film.

These new Mormon movies--what can I say? Those which we've watched have proven a relief. How lovely to sit down to a film knowing you won't be bombarded with well, uhm, things the Bible tends to frown upon. How wonderful to relax and laugh without holding the remote in our hands in case something happens which would better be viewed in fast-forward and in silence (know what I mean?).

I recommend all these films. One thing, though--I'd recommend that you watch Charly only after you've seen two or three of the others first--for a couple reasons which I'll keep you guessing about.

We've heard that The Singles Ward and The Best Two Years are terrific, too. Unfortunately, our local video rental places don't have them. We may just have to break down and buy them then pass them along as Christmas gifts. But again, I've not yet seen them, so I'm only mentioning them, not necessarily recommending them (my disclaimer).

Again, I'm not Mormon, but I have been in church a whole lot of decades and am delighted to see films which can laugh at the silly things church people do, yet without laughing at The Church . It's such a fine line and to me, these films walk that tight-rope line in perfect balance.


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