Friday, December 16, 2011

Of Blessed January 2nd

So remember when Tom signed us up for "regular peoples' cable" so he could watch the remaining Nascar races? Well, as of January 2nd we're returning to "baby cable."

I can hardly wait until January 2nd.

Basically, all those extra channels are too big a temptation for Tom and me. Especially for Tom. :)

Even with all the extra HD stuff downstairs, all day long with Tom it's Animal Planet/History Channel/ESPN. Animal Planet/History Channel/ESPN. But mostly it's Animal Planet and I'm tired of nagging  teasing him about his constant diet of kitties and puppies.

Upstairs in Debra's World? It's HGTV/ABC Family/USA (USA shows tons of NCIS, the first seasons which are all new to me) and a few forays over to TCM and Hallmark.

But as Peter Walsh says, It's All Too Much.

The choices. The angst over all the choices. The ease of letting something else fill your brain and do your thinking for you. The addiction to being entertained. The need for background noise. The overload. The temptation to eat while watching. The snapping when interrupted during your favorite show (that's me, not Tom, really. He's more into politely pretending he's listening when you interrupt his shows). The inability to just say no to something new.

Baby Cable, take me away! Take me back to the measly, no frills 22 stations which hardly ever show anything interesting. Return me to hardly any choices and the good ol' days of flicking the whole thing off because there was nothing on, like, most of the time. Boring has never looked so good.

As I said, hurry up January 2nd!  I can hardly wait for the return of no choices and sweet, sweet normalcy


"And if your eye offend you, pluck it out, and cast it from you..."   ... Matthew 18:9




Rodney Olsen said...

We had pay TV for three months on a very special deal some years ago. We were glad to see it go at the end of that period.

It was interesting for the first few weeks but then we started seeing the same programs again and again.

We're much happier without something that sucks our time away.

Tracy said...

You could always get a DVR so you can record the shows and watch them at your leisure. Ah, the temptation! :)

Debra said...

Rodney--exactly. I'm finding we haven't really missed anything, and too, there's enough online to watch if I want (and it's more limited which is good for me). Oh, and I'd just been wondering this morning if you were still reading here--so it was good to see you still are! :)

Tracy--actually? Right now our whole lives are filled with leisure. heh. That's why having all these tv shows isn't helping--we should be trying harder to discover the other things God wants us to do right now. (Good to see you here, too!)

Thanks to you both... Debra

Saija said...

i could live with much less tv too ... we have lots of it, 'cause that is about all leo can tolerate at times ... sports & crime shows & the animals shows too, tom & leo could chat about those kitten/puppy shows!!! ha ...

and i think you should drop by: ... she has an early christmas present that she shared photos of ... ptl!!

Anonymous said...

Sometimes I think the same of blog world! :) I find myself curbing that temptation to just view one more.... I know we do not pay for each blog but in time used up we do. I have gotten to making myself do this that and the other things before I sit down for x amount of looking around to the 5 blogs I check out. Yours being one of them. Years and years ago in the way olden days :) before tv even..or radio.. people sure had lots they had to do to survive and live. They filled up those hours before bed for sure. Now we have more 'helpers' around the home and lots of distraction for sure!!! Yet we do not get any way near the physical activity. In ways I like that but I am also sometimes putting the horse before the cart. Hubby too watches the same shows..sometimes though I Think he is watching but when I peek in he is asleep and will later watch the same show I heard but he did not See! :) I did not want to even Hear it the first time. :) :) I agree...too much choice...and don't get me started on the amount of choices to just pick a hamburger at the hamburger stand!! :) Sarah