Tuesday, December 06, 2011

Christmas Cards, Anyone?

Well, my twin-separated-at-birth, Sara, beat me to it and wrote about Christmas cards today. So though it appears like plagiarism, I'll do the same.

How many of you still send snail mail Christmas cards? I do. Sending Christmas cards, to me, is like being 10 again and slipping Valentines into handmade heart-shaped envelopes taped to your desk. It's a giggly, rejuvenating sort of thing to do.

Isn't it expensive? Nah, it's only as expensive as you wish to make it. This year I bought my cards at Dollar Tree--only $2 for hours of good, old-fashioned fun. "Aren't Dollar Tree cards kinda Plain Jane?" Well, not really. Not if you snatch yours early. I like my cards, anyway:

A confession? Each year I choose at least one 'churchy type' card for my ultra-Christian friends who would gasp and swallow their gum if they received anything even resembling a Santa. heh.

The older I get? The more relaxed I become. You won't find me sending mad-at-the-world email forwards or stuffing the Gospel down people's throats or crying "foul!" when lost people mess-up. Instead? Instead I've become quite busy with allowing God to make changes within me, first, which by the way, He considers a full-time job. Poor God.

So anyway, I'll choose to enjoy mailing Christmas cards this year along with a family letter I typed-up yesterday and checks or gifts for our parents.

As for the extra money this all requires? Tom and I have noticed something for lots of years--always there's money for giving to others, be it gifts or taking friends out to eat or giving generous tips to service personnel, etc. And when we stay in that flow of giving, God makes certain our needs are met in the flow that returns back to us.

Always. Only a lack of giving-out seems to stop the flow from coming back in. So give, give, give. That's what Tom and I tell each other--and not only at Christmas.


When I get to Heaven I so don't want God to shake His head and say, "Oh, Debra... you were such a cranky worrier and missed out on lots of fun I intended you to have." No! I desire to notice and savor every single moment that God gave me to enjoy.



Annie said...

swallow their gum.....bwah hah hah hah!

You made me burst out laughing. I startled all the folks at Starbucks.

You are so precious, you just crack me up sometimes.

Anonymous said...

Dragging my feet this year in doing the little yearly letter we generally send out. Tho trying to stay upbeat, encouraging and positive...I do try to be real too. Maybe I will let Hubby write it this year...he has done so a couple other years in the past. Part of it stems from our wonderous trip last Nov/Dec...and nothing can ever top that. Not sure what we will be doing this year...but taking advantage of whatever possibilities show up anyway! I do feel one has to write at least once a year or else contact can be lost with people.
Elizabeth in NC

Elizabeth said...

I was actually thinking about skipping doing Christmas cards this year,it seems like so much to do in such a short time,but you now have me re-thinking that idea Debra!