Monday, December 26, 2011

Welcoming Newness of Life in 2012

Happy day after Christmas!

I awoke this morning feeling so contented after our first Christmas in Hobbit Cottage. Naomi arrived around 2:30 yesterday and even brought one of our grand-kitties, Sammy, her huge Tuxedo cat. And oh, now I'm a few inches closer to okaying two new cats of our own--watching Sammy rolling around in glee (with his Christmas catnip) just looked and felt so right.

Tom hung white Christmas lights in pretty loops across the porch and at dinner we all stared at the neighborhood's lights through the big window with white lights tucked along the sill and we had a candle on the table, too, and--well, it was all Just Right.

As always, Naomi's gifts to us were perfection and Tom gave me both things I asked for, one of which was a gift card to joy! Except I must try not to obsess about just what to buy, but instead, give it all some time to see which desired objects rise to the top--and remain there.

Oh wow, 2012 will hold mega changes for Tom and me, what with Naomi's impending move to Tennessee and also, the aforementioned new cats, along with some vital monetary decisions we must make and trust will be right, as well as a possible family reunion in California.

But you know? All will be well. That's what I've learned to always believe, anyway, and I've found that a much better belief to grip than oh-dear-what-will-go-wrong-next?

Much, much better.

And already I'm considering adding some new variety to this blog. Oh, now don't worry, those of you who hate change--the premise and set-up here will remain the same. But I'd like to more often include links to places which might delight you, as well as links to coupons and ideas that can save you money. And too, I'd like to talk more about fear, how it ruins everything and how we must learn to control our emotions lest they control us and spoil an otherwise lovely life.

And how loving God with your whole heart changes absolutely everything.

So bring on 2012! This past year is nearly gone and--although I'm still celebrating God's rescuing this suburb damsel from the farm--it's time to move on to the new. New lessons, new obediences, new adventures and a new level of a deeper relationship with the Best Friend a girl could ever have.

Found a nice place for some of our Christmas cards--along the top of the painting.


Your Christmas greetings here and in emails meant so much--thank-you!


"We were buried therefore with him by baptism into death, in order that, just as Christ was raised from the dead by the glory of the Father, we too might walk in newness of life."  ... Romans 6:4


Hallelujah! The little pencil is back here at Blogger...!! Hooray! :)



Elizabeth said...

So Glad your Christmas was Just right! Ours was too! Thanks for your comments on my blog, I am unable to respond to my comments for some reason, but I do so appreciate them!

Anonymous said...

Our Christmas too was such a sweet perfect time. Everyone being together was the best!! I am glad to hear your's and Tom's was too. Family members have embraced new animals this fall and I too am finding myself softening to the possibility of adopting again. What will happen as far as that in 2012 is yet to be seen. I am an anxious type person and that is a type of fear isn't it. I think I have it under control and then something comes up at times,.. and I find it is not gone. I know God is not the author of fear. By the way I love the stain on your kitchen cabinets! It really shows off your things. Sarah

Saija said...

so glad your christmas was sweet ... :o) ... and that our Heavenly Father gave you that perfect nest to feather and make cozy for your family ... yay!!!!

i just finished watching soul surfer - if you haven't seen that movie yet - well it is VERY uplifting, with a message of hope coming through loud and clear (by hollywood - who knew?!) ...

blessings on you guys in 2012 - as the adventure continues!