Thursday, December 22, 2011


Today I have something fun for you (though my idea of fun and yours may vary.) heh.

Anyway, for years I've occasionally tried locating online my old Jr. High music/choir teacher from California. He stands out in my mind because I still recall everything he taught us in our general music class (a miracle, indeed, that I can remember anything from 1973) and because he was a Christian. He told us he'd be singing in the choir at the big Leighton Ford crusade that night (Leighton Ford is Billy Graham's brother-in-law) and I recall spying him in that choir way down there on the football field.  The next day, I told him I saw him and we chatted about the crusade and probably, that was the only such conversation I had with a Christian teacher my whole time in public school.

So as I said, for curiosity's sake, I've tried locating him online. Only around 9 years older than us, his students, I figured he'd still be alive.

Well! Finally, I found him. A relative of his passed away and through her name I discovered tidbits of information about him, his wife and his children (he was single when I knew him). I almost have enough information to contact him and I'd love to send him a thank-you note for that amazing general music class he taught (I never looked at music the same after age 14) and taking the time to chat with shy, fraidy-cat me, Christian to Christian.

Anyway, here's the aforementioned fun part. When I googled his name, this lovely funeral remembrance card popped up for one of his relatives. (Be sure to click to open it.And the back! Don't miss the photos on the back.) I think it's the prettiest funeral program I've ever seen and I wanted to share it with you.  Which might sound kind-of morbid or weird, depending upon your outlook on death and funerals. But some of you who are always searching for new ideas might appreciate it. Again, here it is.

Also, through that same relative, I found this oh-so-cool family letter online. Now, it's quite long, but if you skim over it, it will also give you some nifty ideas for your own family history letter. (Scroll down to page 5--that's where the good stuff begins.)

 It's a compilation letter of various family members' histories with some exciting stories because many of them were missionaries in the early part of last century. There are some recent
autobiographies and updates on who has moved where and who recently had babies, etc., along with family photos.

Oh, the possibilities! So look it over here (again, go to page 5) and you'll see what I mean. I, myself, came away inspired (I looked over all 80 pages, reading some more closely than others. In places, it felt book-like and adventurous.).

So there you go. Ideas! I do love discovering creative ideas and you never just where they will find you.


To protect his privacy, I'll not mention this teacher's name, especially since I've not yet contacted him. I know you'll understand.



For those of you who take the time to comment--thank-you! I appreciate your encouraging comments more than you realize. Sometimes I do wonder whether anybody is getting anything out of this, so thanks for letting me know that you do.



Anonymous said...

Very interesting reading about this family! Amazing what one can find online!!
Elizabeth in NC

Elizabeth said...

This is very interesting Debra, I wish I knew that much of my family's history.
Thanks for your kind comments on my blog.

Anonymous said...

Thank you! I do not have time at the moment to look at the links but will for sure. Don't ya just love the look of these mimi lights? They are so magical. I saw a home featured in a country magazine years ago where the lady of the house had put these lights on the ceiling of a dark hallway. If I remember it right she had them wound around those long tan grassy looking vines you can buy at the craft stores. It looked like you were going to a magical destination just walking down the hall. Narnia looking magic. Merry Christmas! :) Sarah

K.E. said...

I forget you're not on Facebook anymore. :) On Thanksgiving, StoryCorps did a whole segment on thanking teachers who'd made a difference in your life. Sounds like this one did for you.

Here's the link to the story:

susanwalkergirl said...

Dear Debra,
Thank you for sharing you search and finding on an influential teacher. The remembrance program was beautiful. I too get ideas online that I would like to use.

Praying that you have a joyful and blessed Christmas as you reflect on the marvelous gift of our Savior.

Merry Christmas...Susan