Friday, December 02, 2011

Music Here, Music There

Well, I forgot to tell you that Naomi is all obsessed and wild about moving to Nashville in March. Her newly-married friend from Toronto moved there and loves it to pieces and when Naomi went to visit the happy couple, she found her own personal Promised Land. Naomi is all about music and so is Nashville (as everybody knows) so it should be a good fit. Already her boss says he can easily get her transferred to the branch down there. Easily.

Of course, as her parents, Tom and I are nervous. Naomi has always either lived with us or within a few miles so this will be a huge change, a gigantic test of all the trust we've ever put into God for our daughter. But we wouldn't dream of trying to change her mind. Tom and I used our God-given freedom to live where we wished and we would never take that freedom from Naomi.

And all will be well. That's what I've told myself so that I can proceed with my life these following months. But now? Now I'm not concentrating on Naomi's impending move because Grace isn't here yet--it's too early-- to ease me into the idea. Oh Grace! She's like that "spoonful of sugar that helps the medicine go down." Without her, I'd be sunk. Without her, everything is hard. A big struggle with a lot of dread thrown in.

Tom says maybe he and I can move to Tennessee after Naomi's lived there awhile. Me? I just say, "We'll see." After all, only yesterday we were talking about Idaho and he said, "Idaho. Doesn't it sound great to move to Idaho?"

I said yes, rolled my eyes and said, "All I know is that today we are right where we're supposed to be and that's all I want to think about."

Probably three hundred times since we moved to New York in 1993 Tom has talked about moving out-of-state and for years I used to let the "up-in-the-air-ness of it all" upset me. But no more. After what we went through to find this house, I watched God so clearly slam any doors He didn't want us walking through. So when it comes to moving out of New York? It will only happen when God desires and where He desires, as well, even if Tom does talk about moving another 300 times in between now and our actual departure. We couldn't even get out of here unless God wanted it.

That's what happens when you totally give your life over to Him and beg Him to not let you get what you want--if it's not what He wants.

So why get upset over a few hundred mentions of moving away?

I'm learning. Slowly, ok, but still, I'm learning.


Oh! Debra's Upstairs World just got sweeter today. How? I discovered a local AM radio station that plays music solely from the 1940's, 50's and 60's. Wow. It's more fun than ever up here now.

And you know? You, too, can listen to my new station. You'll find it here. Click on the red button which says Listen Live. I'm happy to share this with you.

And remember my magical supermarket? Well, this new station very often plays the same sorts of songs, so now you'll be able to close your eyes, listen to the music (the more mellow songs, especially) and imagine yourselves wheeling your shopping cart down the aisles and traveling back 50 years to a whole different era. (If you see a chunky little lady in a long black coat down the aisle, be sure to tell her hello when you pass by.)  :)

And for those of you who wish your supermarket played the same kind of music? If you own an Ipod (or other similar device) why not load it with music from the 40's, 50's and 60's and take it with you when you shop? Then you can have experiences similar to mine. That brilliant idea came to me just this morning....heh.



Pat said...

I must admit that having my chidren living a great distance from me would be terribly hard to adjust to. It would truly be only the Lord that could cause me to sort of adjust! Who knows, this may indeed be just the ground work for what the Lord is setting into motion for your future!
Like that song says, Trust and obey!

Judy said...

Now you've got me singing "Tender Tennesee Christmas"...

Anonymous said...

Well, at least Naomi has some friends there...but I know just how you feel. And we do not live in Mayberry anymore either. We are not crazy to be concerned for our children moving away to live alone!! But as in so many things, we have to put our trust in our FATHER to take care of them when we cannot.

Idaho is a very special place. However it is soon changing, in the southern part (the part with the perfect climate) and that takes away every desire we had to be there ourselves (we used to live in S.Idaho...and I once lived in N.Idaho for one perfect, paradise year).

Your daughter COULD move there and decide she did not like it and return to your location too. Such things happen.

Thanks for the idea on how to bear up in stores with raucous music. Have to remember that for future. Don't have a way to do that yet either...but maybe soon.
Elizabeth in NC

Anonymous said...

My first thought was like Elizabeth, Naomi might move there and decide to come back home. Or you might visit her and decide you like it, too. There is that milder climate. I daydream all the time, not Idaho, but Paris or San Francisco call my name. Love you new radio station-thanks! Happy in Texas, today. Joyce

Julie no longer in Texas said...

Debra, we put our trust in God's prompting (by instilling a great desire and affection for her new college and town) our 18 year old daughter to move half the USA away (well, now that we moved too - she is 4 big states away!). We look forward to cherished visits, now, and are kept positive by our daughter's happy reports on how much she loves it where she is. So much so, that after she became disillusioned with our home church, she took it upon herself to start attending a Bible study at her college that has given her a renewed passion! If He's behind it, as you know, there is no need for worry. :)

Laurie said...

I hope your daughter likes Nashville! We have lived outside Nashville for over 7 years (orig. from MI, then TX, then OH) andnd it is a very nice place to live - friendly people, decent economy, moderate weather (well, shorter warmer winters than the north and shorter cooler summers than TX). Middle TN has a lot to offer.

Laurie S.