Sunday, December 18, 2011

Changes Around The House

So I came across this photo of my former room in the old farmhouse and thought, hmm! I like that. So rather than copy ideas from a magazine, this time I copied ideas from myself:

The tablecloth is nice for a cozy winter look and helps cover the icy feeling of the iron bistro table. So happy sigh.

Then I moved the eucalyptus swag thingy from over the window to over the dresser mirror and I like the added drama:

The creative spirit moved downstairs to the kitchen:

Well, I've not done this part yet, but I'm considering painting the archway an autumn-gold along with the wall around the window you see in my blog header over to a point near the entertainment center with Blue Boy on its back. I'd end with a floor-to-ceiling piece of molding. Hmm. We'll see. All I know is I must do something with that arch so to bring it out more.
Anyway, I'd been missing these three fan ladies so I moved them here to the kitchen counter:
... then I moved this oval painting (which had been there) above that Dollar Tree stick-on-saying I showed you weeks ago:

I think it looks just right.

Anyway, it feels good to feel creative again. Truly. And for the record? I've never fallen in love so quickly with a house before. Never. Usually it takes me around two years to feel enamored but here at Hobbit Cottage? It took just 2 minutes.


Anyone in need of another visit to my favorite peaceful Christmas place online? Here you go again. Take all the time you need.



Donetta said...

HOw fun it is to see you enjoy yourself so. Just a thought on scale. Your sweet cottage is smaller, what about scale in the copy. Do you have a smaller lamp shade to use at the window. Maybe a smaller bed pillow and such. Just a thought. Darker shrinks maybe a darker color on the bistro chair.
You inspire me girl. Enjoy your creative fun.

Debra said...

Aww, Donetta... Must be my annoying camera again and the clueless person taking the photo because in Real Life, that area looks just perfect to me. :) heh. Blessings, Debra

Anonymous said...

I will be honest I had gotten a bit behind in my creativity. My home has been getting ho hum. I used to switch things from here to there and really enjoy it. I loved it even if it was not someone else's idea beautiful. Since you got this house and also cozy little house blog has too I have been inspired to have fun with my little home again too. While looking around I also noted several things that I should find a new home for...another home...not my own! :) Also redoing this and that to change things up. No $ involved...just pure fun!!! :) I know you know how that feels. :) Thanks again for the inspiration! My home thanks you too! Sarah

Anonymous said...

If you wanted more book shelfs you could put a tall one to the one side of your arch. Giving the kitchen more privacy too if you'd like that. I have seen arches of this size also with brick {fake or real} all the way around from the floor and around to accent it. Of course that is not too do it yourself. You could stencil around the top arch for accent? You have got me thinking what I have seen done other places to accent this pretty arch design...hmmm. By the way, I love the saying under the picture! The skirt on the table in our bedroom also covers the bottom in case you can hide an extra blanket or such under it. The higher light on the table makes it better for reading and writing under isn't it? I have a couple pictures put away now I need to get out too. I realized new places they would go after seeing your kitchen fan that lamp there too! :) Well I will end this and get to redecorating! :) Sarah

Elizabeth said...

Debra, I love the new room, its even better than the one you copied. I think autumn gold on the archway would be beautiful!

Anonymous said...

All this is quite pretty. Sure don't need to copy any magazine.

No Xmas decoration?